AI remodels commerce. Blockchain could save your data. Walmart's healthcare goals.
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Retail’s Adapt-Or-Die Moment: How Artificial Intelligence Is Reshaping Commerce
Traditional and new-school retailers alike are using AI and robotics to automate various parts of the retail chain, from manufacturing to last-mile delivery.

Could Blockchain Technology Help Avoid Another Cambridge Analytica?
Facebook and Google offer free services in exchange for user data, but that data can be misused. Could blockchain technology help users regain control of their information?

What Walmart’s Earnings Transcripts Reveal (Or Don’t) About Its Healthcare Ambitions And Wall Street
Walmart is reportedly in talks to acquire Humana and PillPack. Earnings transcript reports suggest that Walmart held its healthcare ambitions close to its chest while Wall Street appeared to miss the possible connection.

From Alibaba to Zynga: 28 Of The Best VC Bets Of All Time And What We Can Learn From Them
These venture bets on startups that "returned the fund," making firms and careers, were the result of research, strong convictions, and patient follow-through. Here are the stories behind the biggest VC home runs of all time.

Palantir’s New Patents Shed Rare Light On Its Data Methods
Palantir is one of the world's most opaque and influential data companies. We dig into its patents as Facebook's data privacy scandal refocuses media attention on how personal data is used in business and beyond.

How Blockchain Could Disrupt Insurance
Insurance giants and startups alike are attempting to use blockchain solutions to prevent insurance fraud, digitally track medical records, and more.

The Early Pitch Decks Of 13 Startups Before They Became Billion-Dollar Companies
See the early pitch decks of 13 unicorn companies (and exited unicorns), including LinkedIn (before it had a dime of revenue) and Buzzfeed when it had just 2.5M monthly page views.

Sh*t Talkers: Corporate America’s Dirtiest Mouths On Earnings Calls
We looked at the data to see which C-suiters are cussing on earnings calls.

AI 100: The Artificial Intelligence Startups Redefining Industries
The 100 startups on our list have raised $11.7B in aggregate funding across 367 deals.

Why A Potential $5B Valuation At IPO For Luxury Unicorn FarFetch May Not Be Crazy After All
Online luxury unicorn FarFetch is getting serious about going public. The online luxury marketplace has generated sales of $200M in 2016 but targets a whopping $5B valuation at IPO, another sign that the online luxury space is heating up.


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