A flying warehouse. Snap's patents. The Honest Company's valuation.

Amazon — this is some crazy stuff

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This year, we added lots of new data to the CB Insights platform. Specifically, we began digging into state filings to get valuation data and we also added patent data.

You get data. You get data. Everyone gets data.

Here's some of our greatest hits from our patent and enhanced valuation data from the last few months.

Amazon = Skynet?

Yesterday, Zoe on our team spotted this patent from Amazon using our patent search engine. Yes — it looks like Amazon is trying to create a flying warehouse. It has got a patent for an "Airborne Fulfillment Center" (AFC), "an airship that remains at high altitude," with UAVs delivering items from the AFC to delivery locations.

Then Nikhil and Zoe went further into the Amazon patent rabbit hole on CB Insights and spotted this patent about a drone mesh network that alerts all other drones about their surroundings.

And then they uncovered this patent detailing a defensive measure if the drone is attacked. Of course, the drone is being attacked by someone with a bow & arrow. According to the patent, the drone would cover itself in a protective foam that absorbs kinetic energy if it is compromised. Got that?

Snapchat me that patent

We dug into Snap's (aka Snapchat's) patents and see the increase in focus on facial and object recognition tech.

BTW, after much effort, we procured 50 Snap Spectacles. They make it hard as heck to get these. Stay tuned.

We also analyzed the patent activity of luxury car makers, including Tesla, whose patents show a clear focus on energy and storage.

And we're not just about Big Auto. We then analyzed the patent activity of cosmetics giants, including L'Oreal, Shiseido, and Avon. The term "artificial skin" appeared in several of Shiseido's patents — whatever that means.

And if you want to know where tech is going, you gotta look at the big guns. We recently released The 'Big 5' Patents report that looks at the patent activity of Facebook, Apple, Microsoft, Google, and Amazon (#FAMGA).

If you're curious about the method to our madness, check out our patent data and patent search engine on the CB Insights platform.

Level up

Our Enhanced Valuations capability has allowed us to uncover a number of big financings in the last two months. Using this data set, our team found the new valuations of AirbnbPostmatesWish, and Buzzfeed. In fact, Buzzfeed ended up disclosing their financing round because of reports based on our valuation data.

Here are just a few examples of our news and media friends diving into the filings and financings mentioned above:

Fortune. Kia Kokalitcheva (@imkialikethecar) writes about the $140M raised by Postmates and references CB Insights Enhanced Valuation data.

TechCrunch. Connie Loizos (@cookie) writes about Wish's new round of financing and refers to the CB Insights Enhanced Valuation capability.

Reuters. Heather Somerville (@heathersomervil) on Airbnb's latest extension to its Series F round with a reference to CB Insights enhanced valuation data.

Recode. Jason Del Ray (@delray) reports on details of the Series G investment into Buzzfeed by NBCUniversal and references CB Insights Enhanced Valuation data.

Bloomberg. Olivia Zaleski (@oliviazaleski) writes about Airbnb's authorization of an additional $153M in its Series F round and refers to CB Insights enhanced valuation data.

Business Insider. Biz Carson (@bizcarson) dives into Wish's new round of funding and refers to CB Insights Enhanced Valuation data.

For what it's worth

We also used our valuation data to analyze private market valuation trends.

The Honest Company's valuation over time shows a potential $1B acquisition of the company (per a media leak) would represent a significant drop from its current $1.6B+ valuation (dating to its Series D in 2015). The company announced layoffs subsequently highlighting the pressure the company is under.

And to get a sense of how unicorn companies' valuations have trended over time, we looked at the top 20 US unicorns and the time it took for them to reach $1B+ valuation. Snapchat and Magic Leap were the fastest by far.

Love you always.


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