Startups bringing AI to fintech. Robotic startups in China. Driverless shuttles.

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AI in fintech

We look at a list of several companies focused on core AI technologies that are bringing their products to fintech for applications ranging from quantitative trading and sentiment analysis to fraud detection and personal finance AI assistants. Over 60% of the companies in the market map below have VC backing.

So the 27 Club is a thing?

There's been chatter that musicians who die early tend to do so at the age of 27. Jim Morrison, Kurt Cobain, Jimi Hendrix, and Amy Winehouse are members of this club. And it looks like, based on the data, there may be something to the 27 Club.

Feeling bot bot bot

We identify 9 startups to watch that are building industrial, service, and social robots in China. Beijing-based Ninebot acquired U.S.-based Segway last year before raising an $80M round from investors including Xiaomi and Sequoia Capital China.

What the heck Alaska and Minnesota?

Food poisoning incidents by state according to the CDC and The US Census Bureau.

Shuttle service

We compared five private companies that are working to field different types of autonomous shuttles or buses. These companies are testing a number of different concepts, but they are all running at least one program to develop an electrified bus or shuttle with self-driving capability.

Banking on blockchain

We took a look at over 70 financial services firms and corporate strategic investors with stakes in the bitcoin/blockchain ecosystem. Firms that have investments in the space include Spanish banking group BBVA, investment management firm Fortress as well as exchange behemoth, NYSE Euronext.

The Industry Standard

DealStreetAsia. Shiwen Yap (@shiwenyap) interviews CB Insights CEO & co-founder Anand Sanwal about the Asian market and the opportunities present for large companies and startups.

Reuters. Heather Somerville (@heathersomervil) and Jim Finkle (@jim_finkle) report on a $150 million funding for Texas-based cybersecurity startup StackPath, citing CB Insights data on deal sizes and the cybersecurity industry.

500 Startups. Tristan Pollock (@writerpollock) shares why the “island rule” applies to the New Zealand tech scene, referring to CB Insights data on funding to the country.

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Startups bringing AI to fintech

Goldman Sachs has been particularly active in the last 2 years, backing 4 unique companies applying AI in financial technology. See the list.
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The rise of robotics in China

From social humanoids to industrial robots, the companies on the list are working on a wide range of applications. Sequoia Capital China has backed 3 of the startups. Check them out.
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5 companies working on driverless shuttles

As an alternative to building fully autonomous passenger cars, a number of private companies are working to field self-driving electric shuttles and buses. See the list.
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Which financial services firms and corporations are investing in blockchain and bitcoin?

Over 70+ strategics are invested in blockchain and bitcoin startups including BBVA, Seagate, Rakuten and NYSE Euronext. See the data.
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The Blurb

A curated mix of articles on private companies, venture capital, emerging industries, and innovation.

Start, grow, mature, and consolidate. Fred Wilson (@fredwilson) talks about the life cycle of tech companies and Verizon's decision to purchase Yahoo.

The myth of the top investor. Charlie O'Donnell (@ceonyc) says success isn't guaranteed when it comes to "top, brand name investors," and whether such a concept even exists relies heavily on perspective.
This Is Going to be Big

Control. Mark Suster (@msuster) outlines how to stay in control and have productive meetings 
Both Sides of the Table

The world isn't getting worse, our information is getting better. A look at highlights from Ray Kurzweil's recent talk on the future of mobile technology.

How valuations are really determined at the seed stage. Elizabeth Yin (@dunkhippo33) says valuations for seed stage companies are fairly arbitrary and driven solely by supply (amount of your round) and demand (investor demand).
Elizabeth Yin

Economists. Allison Schrager (@allisonschrager) dives into discussions about why people don't trust economists anymore.

Dedupe your processes. Brad Feld (@bfeld) on inefficient processes and overlapping systems and realizing when you need to dedupe processes within your company.
Feld Thoughts
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