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If you are into the internet of things (IoT), we live in wondrous times.

Today, the team and I assembled a list of a few "favorites."

First is a salt shaker, the Smalt, which you can control with your smart phone or Amazon Echo. 

It takes all the labor out of putting salt on your food, as detailed below on The Verge. (I should have highlighted the entire passage since it's that good)

Ok — now some data.

US pension funds shift focus

Many pension plans in the US have been considering shifting their portfolio strategies away from managed funds and into more direct investments, following the moves of Canadian pensions. Three of Canada’s largest pension funds have made at least 88 direct investments in private companies since the start of 2012, totaling over $19B in funding.

No sharing economy here

Lots of debate as to whether this device should have been added to our poop tech market map.

Indonesia on the rise

We look at fintech investment activity in Indonesia since 2014. At the current run-rate, deal activity is on pace to reach a record high of 33 in 2017.

Hold me

An IoT bracelet that gives you a gentle squeeze from your loved ones.

Survival of the fittest

We dig into investment trends, deal share, and geographic trends across the overall fitness ecosystem, from fitness clubs to sports-related innovations to meditation apps. Q2'17 holds the quarterly record for fitness tech funding, with deals totaling $525M in disclosed equity funding.

The Industry Standard

CB Insights data is the most trusted by those in the industry and the media. A few recent hits.

Quartz. John Detrixhe (@johndetrixhe) writes about the biggest tech startup investors of any Fortune 500 company outside of tech and references data found in the CB Insights Fortune 500 Investment And M&A Report.

Xconomy. Jeff Engel (@jeffengelxcon) reports on Hubspot's startup investments and refers to CB Insights CVC investment data.

Zee Business. A report on investment to Indian startups with a mention of CB Insights funding data.

Breitbart. An article on a patent filed by Facebook with a mention of CB Insights research on Facebook's emotion tech patents.

I love you.


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Startup Spotlight
Below are a few startups that submitted/updated their data via the CB Insights Editor. Increase your chances of getting in front of our research team by submitting your company data here.
  • Brazil-based Pet Anjo offers high-level services for pets including family hosting services, pet sitting, dog walking, and home bathroom services.
  • iKentoo provides iPad-based point of sale and enterprise management software for the hospitality industry.
  • Daily Vanity is a beauty media company in Singapore.
  • DroneInch is building drone solutions for small businesses.
  • Jooycar develops usage-based insurance (UBI) and connected car software in Latin America.

US pension funds poised to dive into risky direct private equity and tech startup investing

After lowering return expectations for the 2017 fiscal year, the head of the largest pension plan in the US is pursuing a "first step" toward a dedicated PE program. Read about it.
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Fintech investments in Indonesia pick up pace

Indonesian startups operating in P2P lending, merchant payments, and e-commerce installment lending have attracted venture capital investment in the last year. See the data.
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Fitness tech startups on track to break (another) funding record

Funding to fitness-focused startups hit a new high last quarter, buoyed by large rounds to cycling startup Peloton and on-demand workout app ClassPass. Check it out.
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The Blurb

A curated mix of articles worth sharing.

Resource constraints. Fred Wilson (@fredwilson) says resources are never the limiting factor to doing great things.

A 'Harry-Pottterfied' world. Lance Weiler (@lanceweiler) says IoT has struggled because it has largely lacked the use cases that satisfy real needs or successfully ignite the imaginations and desires of consumers.

Winner-takes all effects in autonomous cars. Are there network effects that would allow the top one or two companies to squeeze the rest out, or might there be room for five or ten companies to compete indefinitely?
Benedict Evans

A macroeconomic explanation. Andrew Han on the historical underpinnings of where we are in the venture financing cycle and what may come next.
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