New corporate VCs spike. Frontier tech funding. 11 early-stage southeast asian startups.
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2014 saw 28% year-over-year growth in new corporate venture groups making their first investment. We dissect the corporate VC space and some of the new CVC players.

Here's our Benchmarking Corporate Venture Capital webinar transcript in case 3000 words and tons of graphics on what's going on in corporate venture is more your style.

Rooting for startups

Oyster (a Netflix for books) and Quirky (a crowdsourced invention startup) were two well-funded startups that recently called it quits.

When the news hit our team HipChat room, there were a lot of folks that claimed they really liked Oyster or thought Quirky was a cool idea, but when I asked if anyone was a customer, the answer was no.

And there's the rub. We were rooting for these startups as we're prone to do, but like my dad always says, "people's goodwill doesn't put food on the table."

— he never actually said that.

But you get the idea (I think). Cool ideas don't always translate into great businesses.

BTW, e-commerce is growing quickly (and still challenging as evidenced by Oyster and Quirky). See where it's going here.

Dropbox gets no love

Casey Newton of The Verge penned a post about the case against Dropbox highlighting that the company's vision is muddled and the market for it has shifted over time (side note: Casey is an entertaining follow on Twitter: @caseynewton).

He references our earlier research highlighting the valuation of Dropbox being irrational.

Thanks Kansas City

Last week, I talked Midwest VC stats, bubbles, and unicorns with the fine folks of Kansas City at Techweek. Thanks to EDCKC for hosting me and especially to Drew Solomon for being a great host.

In the year 2000, In the year 2000
(any Conan O'Brien fans out there?)

Drones, AR/VR and space investment has eclipsed $2B+ in 2015. Get your Frontier Tech fix.

Keeping tabs on Southeast Asia

We used Mosaic to identify 11 early-stage Southeast Asian startups to watch.


Love ya.


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Frontier tech funding rockets: drone, AR/VR, and space startups on track for more than $4B in 2015

Quarterly investment to frontier tech which includes drones, AR/VR, and space has now surpassed $500M and 30 deals for three straight quarters. Read about frontier tech funding.
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Number of new corporate VCs set for new high in 2015

2014 saw 28% year-over-year growth in corporate venture groups making their first investment. Read about the growth of corporate venture groups.
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11 early-stage southeast Asian startups to watch

We used CB Insights Company Mosaic to find some of the hottest early-stage companies in Southeast Asia. E-commerce dominated the list of 11. See the list of early-stage Southeast Asian startups to keep an eye on.
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