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Alright, so the rumor is that after 6 years of people predicting the bubble, the time has arrived. If you're a company that is not burning money and is a real business, the downturn (if it happens) will be great for you.
  • Refugees  Talented people who were sold a dream that didn't materialize will be looking for a real company.
  • Noise I've been doing some analysis and the # of absolute f'n idiots giving startup advice is up 273% vs last year. These people will go away.
  • Less competition Entrepreneurial "tourists" will be gone aka wantrepreneurs aka people playing entrepreneur. See less noise.
  • No more ball pits Sanity will return and you won't need to feed the team kobe beef while they lie in nap pods. (See related research from The Onion that working at work improves productivity)
If you're looking to get a jump on identifying startup refugees, our most popular datastore product ever might be of interest the list of early-stage dying companies.

29 Asian unicorns

We dive into the 29 Asian unicorns and rank them by valuation. Xiaomi heads up the pack in a list dominated by Chinese and Indian companies.

Alphabet soup

So seed rounds are As and As are Bs and late stage rounds are private IPOs and real IPOs are well...let's not talk about those.

Sarah Lacy of Pando digs into the pre-seed opportunity with some thoughts by Michael Kim of Cendana Capital, Manu Kumar of K9 Ventures, and Charles Hudson formerly of SoftTech VC, and a helping of our data.

10 early stage drone startups to watch

If you're a VC and don't have a drone strategy, it's time to get with the program. Maybe start by studying these 10 early stage drone startups that we have on our radar.

Note: We're issuing our first ever Future of Frontier Tech Report tomorrow which covers trends in drones, space technology, and AR/VR. You can sign up for early access to it on this research brief.

We're giving away two drones

We have a goal of 100k newsletter subscribers by Labor Day. We're at 96k so we need your help as we only have a couple of weeks left.

But since helping is no fun, we wanted to incentivize (aka bribe) you with a drone. 

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Which corporate VCs get into exits earliest?

Corporate VCs are getting more active and some are investing earlier and earlier. We break down which corporate VCs have had the most exits and also, perhaps more importantly, who is getting in early into companies headed for eventual exits.


The daily brag

Earlier this week, 3 of the top 10 most emailed articles on the New York Times tech section featured our data. Yes
we have the best data and research team in the biz. Period.

Here are the NYT articles for your reference: "List of 50 future unicorns," and "The unicorn club: admitting new members," and "hot tech startups may face a long and bumpy fall."

Openstack ftw

Mirantis raised a large $100 million round last week led by Intel. We dug into the OpenStack funding environment and the company's travails with RedHat using the Business Social Graph.

Who loves you? I do.


P.S. Learn more about Mosaic - moneyball for startups.


13 startups working in women's reproductive health

Big-name investors are funding companies focused on women's health, including a number of startups using big data to track fertility and IVF treatments. See 13 startups working in women's reproductive health.
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CB Insights Top Deal Searches

CB Insights users can query our database in powerful ways. See a few below or sign up:


10 early-stage drone startups to watch

All these companies  including DroneDeploy and Flirtey have raised in the last 20 months, and have less than $15M in total funding. See the list of drone startups to watch.
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Analyzing the top corporate VCs by exits - and how early they got in

Corporate VCs have had some of venture's largest recent exits among their portfolio companies, but few were early-stage investments. See the 5 largest portfolio exits for each of the top 10 corporate VCs.
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Xiaomi and beyond: Asia's 29 unicorns ranked by valuation

The Asian unicorns have an aggregate valuation of $144B. See the list of Asian unicorns.
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The Blurb

 A curated mix of articles on tech, media, what's next, and recent news.
Don't expect smartphones to get smaller anytime soon. The IDC expects to see bigger screens on more devices through 2019.

Here's where driverless cars are learning the rules of the road. Self-driving cars are getting closer to hitting our nation's highways every day.

Small-business owners' confidence in economy wanes. Firms see strength in own operations, but outlook for U.S. economy lowest since 2013 government shutdown.
The Wall Street Journal

Bicycle desks: better than the gym. A new study suggests that biking while working can help.
The Atlantic
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