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Smooth like butter

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At our events to-date, the moderators for the sessions have always been journalists. Unsurprisingly, people whose job is to ask good questions ask good questions.

At TRANSFORM we’re continuing that, but we’re also adding some very esteemed university professors as moderators.

Here are some of the folks moderating conversations with the speakers at TRANSFORM:

  • Wharton School — Professor Gad Allon (also Director of the Jerome Fisher Program in Management & Technology)

  • NYU Stern — Professor Melissa Schilling (also Director of Technology & Innovation at the Fubon Center for Technology)

  • NYU Stern — Professor Ari Ginsberg (also Director of the Management of Technology M.S. Program at Tandon School of Engineering)

  • NYU Stern —  Associate Professor J.P. Eggers (also Director of the Technology and Entrepreneurship MBA Program)

  • NYU Stern — Professor Natalia Levina

  • Bloomberg — Opinion Columnist, Shira Ovide

  • The Economist — U.S. Business Editor, Vijay Vaitheeswaran

  • Forbes — Associate Editor, Alex Konrad

  • Fast Company — Senior Editors, Marcus Baram and Amy Farley

  • Digiday — President & Editor in Chief Brian Morrissey

Our hope is that you leave TRANSFORM informed, inspired, and better connected. A big part of that is ensuring that we have really good speakers and have good conversations with them on stage.

If you’d like to join us, please sign up here.

Let's try it

Many corporations still use fax machines, handwriting, and siloed databases spread across countries and contractors. Now they're looking to blockchain to help streamline their operations.

From Walmart to Goldman Sachs to United Healthcare, we take a look at how organizations are implementing blockchain technology.

So you like talking to smart people, eh?

Booking meetings with our Intelligence Analysts is something we’re trying for the first time at TRANSFORM next week.  

And it’s very popular — 60% of their time has already been booked.  

If you’re attending and have the networking app, just search for “CB Insights.” The analysts will come up and you can book time and a table in the lounge.  

And of course, you can book meetings with other attendees.  

We’re already at 372 meetings scheduled and things usually really get going the day or two prior, so I think we’ll hit our goal of 1000 meetings at TRANSFORM.

What’s the scoop?

Scoops are a tough business model.

Business and financial journalism look drastically different than they did 25+ years ago thanks to a lot of factors — but mainly the internet.

Quality financial journalism is arguably more important than ever before, but it’s facing new threats in the digital age.

Financial Times editor Lionel Barber discusses how financial journalism has evolved, how news is now commoditized (which we explore here), and what lies ahead.

Read all about it in The Blurb below.

It's (genetically altered) twins!

A Chinese scientist has reportedly created the first genetically edited babies using CRISPR technology. The pair of twins were born with a genetic mutation that reportedly makes it harder for HIV to infect their cells.

Need a refresher on what CRISPR is and how it works? Check out our explainer here.

 I get around

Connected car tech goes far beyond a simple internet connection. From AR dashboards to truck platooning to layered cybersecurity, we take a look at 10 innovative technologies that are transforming auto tech.

Expert Intelligence clients can check them out here.

Got AI on the brain?

If you want to talk about AI hype vs. reality and its applications in healthcare, retail, financial services, etc, talk to Deepa at TRANSFORM.  

She’ll also be presenting our latest thinking and data-driven intel on where AI is going next.

Ghosts of bankruptcies past

The holiday season is upon us, which means everyone is shopping like crazy.

Many retailers are still trying to avoid falling victim to the retail apocalypse, facing struggling physical storefronts, huge debt, and inefficient operations.

We've compiled a list of 57 retailers that have filed for bankruptcy since 2015. See them all here.

 A growing space

A new wave of innovation is hitting the women's fertility space, bringing about tech-enabled solutions for period tracking, at-home hormone tests, and much more.

From connected devices to mobile platforms to diagnostics tests, we take a look at how startups are bringing more personalization, convenience, and accessibility to the space.

Expert Intelligence clients can read it here.

Is it boojhee or boorzhwa?

If you want to talk about luxury subscriptions, luxury streetwear, and how to access China’s massive luxury market, you should book a meeting with Thomas at TRANSFORM.

He’ll also be presenting our research on the luxury trends to watch.

Show me the money

After the dot-com crash, Trilogy, which had been one of the hottest companies for young coders in the 1990s, faded from the spotlight and owner Joe Liemandt dropped off the Forbes 400.

For a while, it looked like Liemandt had totally burned out.

He was actually building a new software empire that built up a workforce of offshore developers that could do cheap work as contractors.

Forbes digs into how Liemandt transformed his company and regained his fortune. Check it out in The Blurb.

The Industry Standard

CB Insights data is the most trusted by those in the industry and the media. A few recent hits.

Bloomberg. This article discusses the controversy surrounding Didi Chuxing’s safety practices and cites CB Insights data.

Entrepreneur. Marc Fischer lists five ways entrepreneurs can keep their passion from disrupting their vision and references CB Insights research.

Business Insider. Laura McCamy (@lmcwords) describes signs that you're not ready to start a business and refers to CB Insights research.

I love you.


P.S. Tomorrow we'll be discussing what's next for blockchain technology. Register for the briefing here.

The Blurb

A curated mix of articles worth sharing.

The scoop biz. Good financial journalism is more important than ever, but the digital age is posing new threats.
Financial Times

Quantity > quality. After the dot-com crash, a software wunderkind reinvented himself and his company to prioritize profitability over growth.

Thanks, Craig. Research shows Americans are wasting less thanks to Craigslist.
Fast Company

Prime, indeed. Amazon’s new service can extract data from patient records using machine learning.

Do not want. Google employees are protesting a censored search app that the company is reportedly building for China.
The Verge

Ch-ch-changes. The FDA is revamping its process for clearing medical devices.
Fierce Healthcare
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