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Hi there,

Today, I'm excited to announce our new partnership with the venerable media giant, Nikkei.

Nikkei will be translating select CB Insights reports into Japanese for its news publications including Nikkei Online Edition.

For readers in Japan (or those who read Japanese), the Nikkei has set up a great site discussing the partnership here.

Nikkei's managing director Yoshihiro Hirata said it best, "Our Japanese readers will receive significant benefits from the reports, and we intend to continue our collaboration with CB Insights."


The people have spoken and intrapreneurs are not a real thing (barely).

Most of those in the non-real camp said that intrapreneurs don't take any real risk and don't have real skin-in-the-game. 

Of course, intrapreneurs took exception to that. If you want to weigh in, jump into the debate on Twitter or Instagram.

Beauty is truth, truth beauty

Shoppers' demand for transparency in beauty pricing is at an all-time high, prompting an emergence of new models for delivering quality, affordable cosmetics.

This is one of 13 trends we explore in our new Beauty Trends report. Read more here.

About that "100-year-old startup"

Related to the intrapreneur convo.


Amazon is leveling-up in the gaming space. Twitch, the video game broadcast site that Amazon bought for just under $1B, is now one of the largest bandwidth users in the US with 15M+ daily users.

See what other industries the e-commerce titan is targeting in our Amazon Strategy teardown.

A package deal

Insurers are teaming up with automakers and startups developing subscription car programs that would provide an all-inclusive package, including payments, maintenance, and insurance.

BMW, Cadillac, and Ford are among the automakers getting in on the subscription action. See the others here

Well, well, wealth…

In 2025, Baby Boomers will outnumber financial advisors by 163:1 (fancy stat from our Wealth Tech Trends to Watch webinar).

Wealth tech a plenty at Future of Fintech (June 19-21) - just a few of the speakers you’ll hear:

  • Andy Rachleff, CEO, Wealthfront (robo-advisor)
  • Naureen Hassan, Chief Digital Officer, Morgan Stanley
  • Vlad Tenev, Co-Founder, Robinhood ($1.3B valuation)

The code wealthMGMT gets you $500 off your ticket.

The Industry Standard

CB Insights data is the most trusted by those in the industry and the media. A few recent hits.

Bloomberg. Pavel Alpeyev (@pashakun) reports that three teams are still working to complete Google's race to the moon and references CB Insights research.

Financial Times. Yuan Yang (@yuanfenyang) and Sherry Fei Ju (@sherryjean) write about Didi Chuxing’s plan to beat Uber in the ride-hailing race and cite CB Insights data.

GeekWire. Lisa Stiffler (@lisa_stiffler) interviews “startup whisperer” Gillian Muessig (@SEOmom), who gives a shout-out to the CB Insights newsletter.

Happy Monday.

I love you.


P.S. Join us tomorrow for a webinar on Google's strategy in healthcare. Save your spot here.

P.P.S. Excited that we're coming to Japan in partnership with Nikkei.

The Blurb

A curated mix of articles worth sharing.

All health breaks loose. Cigna is planning to buy Express Scripts Holding for $54B, part of a “furious round of consolidation” as healthcare companies look for ways to compete with Amazon.
Wall Street Journal
Tradesies. 11 countries including Japan and Canada have signed a landmark Asia-Pacific trade agreement without the United States.
Back to basics. California’s Democratic Party is officially making Universal Basic Income 
— a policy that’s been lauded by many in Silicon Valley  part of its platform.
Help! Facebook is enlisting the help of the Associated Press to double down on its efforts to fight fake news during midterm elections.
Grapes of tech. Some farmers are responding to the farm labor shortage by turning to agriculture robots.

Not mad, just disappointed. Norman Winarsky, one of Siri’s co-founders, suggests that Apple may have given Siri an “overly ambitious” set of responsibilities.
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