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Balancing the books

Uber's expansion started slow, but accelerated dramatically beginning in 2013. By mid-2014, it was in 150+ cities. Today, it's in more than 600.

But expanding into any new market comes with a variety of new, variable costs, and Uber has struggled to get them under control.

We dive deep into the company's expansion costs and much, much more in our new report How Uber Makes Money.

Shake it up

Blockchain technology is changing the game across a wide variety of industries — not just banking.

From air travel to agriculture to gambling, we take a look at 50 big industries that blockchain could transform.

See you on the dance floor 

Fortnite is now facing two lawsuits over dance moves — one from Fresh Prince’s Carlton, and now the flossing Backpack Kid.

As one commenter on CBI's Instagram said, these dance lawsuits don’t have a leg to stand on.

Melancholy blue

Product innovation is one major way that large corporations stay competitive in a rapidly changing marketplace.

But not all ideas are good ideas.

From Pepsi Blue to Twitter's Early Bird to Smell-O-Vision, we take a look at 142 of the biggest product flops of all time.

The worst news

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 Millennials are out

Retirees in the US have caught the attention of fintech companies. They're increasingly digitally savvy, and they're living longer in retirement. 

From home sharing to reverse mortgages to estate planning, we take a look at 20+ fintech startups that are addressing the financial needs of this growing demographic. Expert Intelligence clients can see them all here.

Truly transformative

Putting the "disruptive" in disruptive innovation.

On the case

Wondering how to successfully scale new products? Our new case study explores Fidelity Investments' decades-long approach to creating accountability and financial incentives.

Download it here.

The Industry Standard

CB Insights data is the most trusted by those in the industry and the media. A few recent hits.

Inc. Guadalupe Gonzalez (@mariainnyc) discusses the potential for a tech IPO boom in 2019 and cites CB Insights research.

Nikkei Asian Review. Takashi Kawakami writes about Tencent subsidiaries’ IPO plans and refers to CB Insights research.

Xconomy. Sarah de Crescenzo (@sarahdc) reports that enterprise software startup Seismic has raised $100M in Series E funding and references CB Insights data.

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The Blurb

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Every move you make. Smart home devices could ultimately lead to the monetization of everyday tasks as menial as making toast.
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Too cool for traffic. Elon Musk and the Boring Company have unveiled a test version of an autonomous vehicle and tunnel system that could change mass transit.

I’ve just seen a face. Facial recognition technology has the potential to transform industries from medicine to agriculture — but it also has the potential to be weaponized.
The New Yorker

Call to action. The US Surgeon General has declared youth vaping an epidemic.
The Verge
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