Amazon's order history. HR tech startups. RIP these cos.

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It’s almost summer. That means it’s about to be prime Kool-Aid drinking weather.

Apparently there’s an entire black market of vintage Kool-Aid packet collectors, where a sealed packet of Pink Swimmingo can go for as much as $400.

The Takeout digs into the collector/fan culture of the Kool-Aid packet collector community. You can check out the article in The Blurb.

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Despite its historic $13.7B acquisition of Whole Foods and a few big-name buys (such as Zappos for $1.2B), Amazon has traditionally been a more conservative buyer than its big tech competitors.

But that might be changing. The company has already made 5 acquisitions this year — as many as it made in all of 2018. We list Amazon's 10 largest buys in its history in a visual timeline. See it here.

Listen up, CEOs

Worth noting:

  • Above average CEOs listen to 120 podcasts per day at 10x speed
  • The average CEO listens to these podcasts after waking at 3:30am and writing in their gratitude journal

The 80+ comments on CBI Instagram about this tweet are hilarious.

It's the future I can see

You're on a shopping trip in the year 2030. What do you see?

We analyze how the rise of 5G connectivity, urbanization, and evolving consumer expectations will affect innovation in retail stores in the years to come. See the preview here.

If you're a client, you can download the complete report here.

 A great resource

HR departments are increasingly using software to modernize their recruiting, talent, and administrative processes. Globally, HR tech now represents a $148B opportunity.

From payroll & benefits to staff training to expense management, we map out 145+ startups driving innovation in the space. Expert Intelligence clients can see them all here.

She should have died hereafter

The cruel reality is that most startups fail — usually ~20 months after raising their first financing.

From Wow Air to Arivale to Eleven James, we take a look at post-mortems from 311 of the most notable failures in our database. See them all here.

 Game on

The gaming market is expected to hit nearly $152B in revenue this year, and surpass $180B in 2021. 

From AR/VR game studios to gambling & prize winnings to analytics & training, we've identified 75+ startups building the future of the gaming industry. Expert Intelligence clients can see them all here.

The Industry Standard

CB Insights data is the most trusted by those in the industry and the media. A few recent hits.

VentureBeat. Dean Takahashi (@deantak) reports that Great North Labs has raised its first fund and cites CB Insights data.

Inc. Cameron Albert-Deitch (@c_albertdeitch) writes about the industries with the most unicorn companies and references CB Insights research.

Retail TouchPoints. This article profiles fashion rental platform Tulerie and refers to CB Insights’ Luxury Trends Report.

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The Blurb

A curated mix of articles worth sharing.

The good stuff. The community of vintage Kool-Aid packet collectors is thriving.
The Takeout

Puppy dog eyes. Dogs’ eyebrow anatomy has evolved over hundreds of years of domestication to appeal more to humans.
National Geographic

Welcome home. Google has unveiled a $1B plan to add thousands of homes to the Bay Area over 10 years.

Peanut butter & jellyfish. Climate change is leading to a huge surge in jellyfish populations. To stop them from dismantling food chains around the world, scientists are looking for novel ways to use them.
Fast Company

Unrealistic beauty standards. Are avatars and virtual influencers the “future of storytelling”?
New York Times
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