Google acquisitions. CVCs in IoT. Banking giants in fin tech.
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The big dogs in financial services are stepping up their game when it comes to investing in fin tech companies. We analyze their investments.

Do it for my children. Please.

Yesterday, I saw this sobering data about median age of employees at tech companies. (h/t @mdudas)

What this means is that if CB Insights doesn't work out, I'm basically unemployable. So as a favor to my children, I'd appreciate it if you buy a subscription to CB Insights ASAP.

Thank you for understanding.

M&A and overvalued Silicon Valley startups

We've heard from many of our corporate M&A / corp dev clients that Silicon Valley startups are overvalued and so they're (1) waiting for prices to come back to reality and (2) looking in other locations where valuations haven't become disassociated from fundamentals.

In fact, the tech sector's usual most active acquirer, Google, has slowed things down as well this year.

We've created a real-time tracker which lists all of Google's acquisitions and a 26-page whitepaper on Google aka Alphabet's acquisitions, investments, and strategy.

Undermine thyself

I was in London last week and had the opportunity to present at the HSBC-KPMG Business Innovation Summit. One of the slides I presented was based on data from this excellent Reuters analysis of share buybacks and dividends and how large corporations are undermining themselves.

Considering big companies' talk about "embracing innovation," this is a good lens to understand whether they're putting their money where their mouths are.

While this trend is ultimately bad for these corporations, it is good news for startups.

Big corporations are underinvesting in innovation and productive capacity in favor of financial tactics to maximize EPS. It also underscores that people do what you pay them to do. Tell CEOs and senior leaders to maximize EPS and they'll do exactly that at the detriment of long-term competitiveness. 

Corporate areas of focus in IoT

We dig into where Qualcomm, GE, Google, Microsoft, Intel, and other active corporate investors are placing their bets in the Internet of Things.

Calling out PostMates and DoorDash

I love it when founders/CEOs openly talk isht about competitors instead of the typical b.s.'y co-opetition, "they're great" PR-trained soundbites.

That's why this essay by Founder and CEO of GrubHub, Matt Maloney, is outstanding. He calls out PostMates and Doordash and doesn't mince words.

He says the companies "insult the intelligence of today's consumers" and are focused on "short-term topline growth without regard to long-term sustainability."  

Has anyone from these firms or their investors penned a response? Would love to see it.

You are my sunshine. My only sunshine. You make me happy when skys are gray.

Love you,

P.S. We're hiring an Auto Tech Industry Analyst, a Fin Tech Industry Analyst, and a Health Tech Industry Analyst. If you've got domain expertise and interest in those areas and want to drive our research efforts on those subjects, we'd love to chat.

The top 12 gaming exits in tech

The top 7 gaming exits have been for over $1B. Zynga's exit in 2011 still leads at $7.7B. Mojang and Supercell also exited for above $1B. See the list of top gaming exits since 2009.
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Global banking giants place record number of bets on fin tech startups

One-third of all fin tech deals since 2009 by Wells Fargo, JPMorgan, Citi, Morgan Stanley, Goldman, and BofA have come in 2015 YTD. See the data.
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Corporate investors participate in a record number of IoT startup deals in 2015

At the current run rate, 2015 will nearly double last year's dollar total, at 89% year-over-year growth in funding. Check out the top corporate investors in IoT startups.
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Google acquisition tracker

We've created a real-time tracker which lists all Google's acquisitions. Keep up to date by following our tracker and analysis.
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Notable Deals From This Past Week

We tracked 545 financings and exits totaling $5.7B in the last week. Here are 10 notable deals. To see them all, login to CB Insights or create an account here.

1. Gurnet Point Capital backs $600M launch of Boston Pharmaceuticals
Gurnet Point Capital, an investment firm focused on healthcare and life sciences, announced a $600M deal for the creation of Boston Pharmaceuticals, a drug development company.

2. Tiantu Capital raises $420M at IPO
Tiantu Capital, a private equity investment firm focused on the Chinese consumer sector, has raised $420 million in a listing on the National Equities Exchange and Quotation (NEEQ).

3. Match Group goes public to raise $400M
Match Group, a dating app holding company whose portfolio includes Tinder, announced a $400M IPO at a $4.2B valuation.

4. Vertice Pharma launches with $300M in Private Equity
Warburg Pincus, a private equity firm, invested $300M to begin Vertice Pharmaceuticals, which will focus on specialty pharmaceutical acquisitions.

5. Olacabs, an Uber rival, adds $275 to Series F tally
The India-based taxi service closed its Series F round with a total of $500M. Including this recent fundraising Olacabs has raised a total of $1.3B.

6. Square raises $243M at IPO
Payments and point-of-sale systems company Square raised $243M at IPO with a valuation of $4.7B, a figure well under the $6B valuation from its Q2'15 Series E. Square also priced the IPO below projections at $9, but saw a 45% pop on the first day of trading.

7. Weiying Technology raises $235M Series C
Weiying Technology, operator of WePiao, a Chinese ticketing app, announced a $235M Series C round. Select investors included Tencent, Wanda Group, and GGV Capital.

8. TutorGroup raises $200M at $1B valuation
The China-based online learning platform TutorGroup joins the unicorn club this week by raising a $200M round at a $1B valuation.

9. Gogoro raises $130M Series B
The Taiwain-based smart scooter company raised the Series B from Panasonic Ventures, among others.

10. KKR buys $100M stake in Yuehai Feed Group
Based in China, Yuehai Feed Group makes acquatic feed for shrimp and seawater fish farming.



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