Auto tech trends. $1B+ US companies. Retail bankruptcies. 
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$1B+ Market Map: The World’s 326 Unicorn Companies In One Infographic
Our market map highlights which markets boast the most private companies with billion-dollar valuations.

159 Of The Biggest, Costliest Startup Failures Of All Time
From financial fraud to just running out money, we scanned our database to identify 159 of the most expensive startup flameouts in history.

The United States Of Artificial Intelligence Startups
Startups across 39 US states are applying artificial intelligence tech across industries like marketing, healthcare, retail, and more.

Here’s A List Of 68 Bankruptcies In The Retail Apocalypse And Why They Failed
A list of major retail bankruptcies from 2015 to today.

55 US Companies That Became Unicorns In 2018
These $1B+ companies have an aggregate valuation of about $117B, led by Epic Games.

 Airbnb Acquires HotelTonight: A Review Of The Online Travel Booking Market
Airbnb's acquisition of HotelTonight has online travel booking giants and hotel chains paying attention to the home-sharing unicorn. A look at financing and market trends for the online travel booking space.

Auto & Mobility Trends In 2019
An analysis of emerging auto and mobility trends using the CB Insights NExTT framework.

 45+ Tech Startups Transforming The Oil & Gas Value Chain
Startups in the oil & gas industry are looking to improve performance at every level of the value chain, from extraction to refining.

WeWork’s $47 Billion Dream: The Lavishly Funded Startup That Could Disrupt Commercial Real Estate
With $6.5B in equity funding, WeWork is expanding aggressively at home and abroad and pursuing diverse investments that have raised eyebrows. But its real-estate-as-a-service offering and trove of data on optimal office design could make the company's value prop far more than a marketing ploy.

 Automakers Are Preparing For An Electric Future. Here’s Where They’re Placing Their Bets.
As the backdrop for vehicle electrification continues to improve, OEMs are making strategic investments to ensure that they're ready for the transition to fully electric fleets.

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