Trends in space. 132 terrible ideas. Beauty gets techy.
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The AI Industry Series: Top Retail AI Trends To Watch
AI vs. super fakes. The future of shoplifting. Robots in your supermarket. We look at the top artificial intelligence trends reshaping the retail industry.

Google, Amazon, Facebook, And Apple Are Giving The Beauty Industry A Makeover
Top US tech companies are leveraging smart speakers, search data, and consumer insights to give the beauty and personal care industries a tech edge.

The Square Strategy Teardown: How The Point-Of-Sale Fintech Insurgent Is Quietly Turning Itself Into A Full-Service Bank
Payments startup Square is moving beyond the register. To grow, it's building its Cash App into a digital bank, developing full back-end services for merchants, and expanding internationally.

The Future Of Data Security
An extensive review of the startups, emerging technologies, and Big Tech innovations on the cutting edge of data security.

 From Period Tracking To Egg Freezing: Startups & Technologies Transforming The Women’s Fertility Space
With the proliferation of mobile apps and connected devices, we’re beginning to see a number of fertility tools and solutions emerge. We look at what the future of women's fertility may look like and the technologies that could take us there.

35+ Companies Using Synthetic Biology To Rethink Everything From Plastics To Fabrics To Fertilizers
Advances in industrial biochemistry have unlocked the potential to harness small cells to make fuel, foods, and custom materials. We looked at startups using cells for factory-scale production.

 5 Trends Shaping Space Tech In 2019
From the crowded small satellite market to commercial geospatial imaging, the private space technology industry is evolving. Here are 5 major trends and the players shaping its future.

The 31 European Unicorns Ranked By Valuation
These billion-dollar companies have an aggregate valuation of about $64B, led by UK-based Global Switch.

Unbundling The Autonomous Vehicle
Autonomous vehicles rely on several advanced technologies to self-navigate. We unbundle the AV to see how these technologies work together and which companies are driving them forward.

 The Brandless Economy: Natural, No-Frills Food & Beauty Brands On The Rise
CPG startup Brandless may have raised $292M, but it's not the only startup that uses clean ingredients and minimal branding. We compare similar startups' pricing and features.

When Corporate Innovation Goes Bad — The 132 Biggest Product Failures Of All Time
From the DeLorean and New Coke to the Newton and Google Glass, here's a list of the biggest product flops from corporate giants.

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