GrubHub eats up. Maps on maps. Amazon's warehouses. 
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Eaten Up: The Consolidation Of The Food Delivery Space In One Timeline
GrubHub's acquisition of Eat24 is another significant move in the further consolidation of the food delivery space.

Know Your Industries: 90+ Market Maps Covering Fintech, CPG, Auto Tech, Healthcare, And More
Here's a collection of all 91 of CB Insights' market maps and unbundling/disrupting graphics covering a variety of industries.

Amazon’s ‘Beehive,’ Drone-Carrying Trains Reinforce Focus On Logistics Tech
Amazon now has patents for a flying drone warehouse, an underwater warehouse, a beehive-like warehouse, and mobile ground-based fulfillment centers.

Why We Invested: VCs Sound Off On 7 Recent Early-Stage Startup Investments
Top seed and Series A dealmakers discuss the markets, traction, and management of their latest portfolio companies.

Healthy & Wealthy: Digital Health Deals And Funding Hit Record Highs
After a dip in H2'16, digital health financing is on the rebound, with deals and funding on track to hit new highs in 2017.

15 Early-Stage Drone Companies To Watch
Notable early-stage drone startups include companies focused on anti-collision software and pay-as-you-fly drone insurance.

Q&A: Annie Lamont & Andrew Adams of Oak HC/FT On AI, Regulation, Corporations, And More
Annie Lamont and Andrew Adams of Oak HC/FT have been investing in digital health since the 2000s and spun out Oak HC/FT to invest more directly in the space. We talked about trends they're seeing.

Positive Outlook: Mental Health Tech Is On The Rise
At the current rate, mental health startups will raise about $159M in 2017.

New Apple Patent Aims To Turn Your iPhone Into An All-Purpose Health Data Tracker
Using CB Insights’ patents search engine, we surfaced a newly granted patent that suggests the iPhone cameras of the future may help users detect health data and measure physiological conditions.

Mega-Deals Push Southeast Asia Tech Investment To $5B
Tech startups in Southeast Asia have already pulled in nearly $2B more in funding this year than in 2016, and deals are also on track for an all-time high.

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