A dose of AI. Tech cos play defense. Still don't get blockchain?
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The AI Industry Series: Top Healthcare AI Trends To Watch
AI needs doctors. Big pharma is taking an AI-first approach. Apple is revolutionizing clinical studies. We look at the top artificial intelligence trends reshaping healthcare.

Tech Giants In Blockchain: Amazon, Microsoft, Facebook, & Others Are Building And Selling Blockchain Services
We look at emerging blockchain efforts from 7 of tech's largest players.

 Startups Are Betting On At-Home Fitness — Is This A Sign Of The Gympocalypse?
From connected boxing gloves to smart mirrors, startups are fueling the at-home fitness economy.

What Is Blockchain Technology?
Few people understand what it is, but Wall Street banks, IT organizations, and consultants are buzzing about blockchain technology. It's hard to remove blockchain from Bitcoin, so we'll start with Bitcoin as we work to understand this technology's potential.

Where Big Tech Is Placing Bets In Healthcare
Driven by increases in biotech investing, Google is the most active healthcare investor among US-based tech corporates.

Google, Amazon, Facebook, And Apple Are Hiring To Defend Against The ‘Techlash’
Tech giants are hiring people to help solve problems and repair the companies' images in areas including user privacy, elections security, AI and ethics, and more.

Apple Strategy Teardown: Where the World’s Most Valuable Company Is Focusing In Augmented Reality, Wearables, AI, Cars, And More
The maverick of personal computing is looking for its next big thing in spaces like healthcare, AR, and autonomous cars, all while keeping its lead in consumer hardware. With an uphill battle in AI, slowing growth in smartphones, and its fingers in so many pies, can Apple reinvent itself for a third time?

The Way Drugs Are Sold & Distributed Is Opaque, Inefficient, & Costly. Here’s How Companies Are Trying To Fix That.
From large corporations assuming multiple roles in the drug supply chain — as seen with CVS' pending acquisition of insurer Aetna — to new startups leveraging tech to smooth drug distribution, here's how the complex pharmaceuticals market is changing.

Foot In Mouth: 43 Quotes From Big Corporate Execs Who Laughed Off Disruption When It Hit
With the iPhone as a glaring example, and stretching through Amazon and e-commerce and more recently blockchain and bitcoin, many innovations have initially been met with derision by big company CEOs. History often proved them wrong.

 Beyond The Cloud: 5 Startups Bringing Data Centers To The Edge
These organizations are improving processing speed and reliability by deploying computing power closer to where data is created.

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