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Bitcoin hit a peak of nearly $20,000 in December 2017 — and then plummeted in 2018.

But even in the so-called "crypto winter," smart money VCs keep pouring money into blockchain startups.

We take a look at where smart money VCs have been placing their bets since Bitcoin's peak. Check it out here.

 Robot needed on aisle 3

Walmart plans to deploy in-store robots across its 5,000 US locations. This includes 1,500 autonomous cleaning machines, 300 shelf-scanning robots, and 1,200 automated truck unloaders.

We dig into Walmart's robotics bets to understand why the move is happening now and why it matters. Clients can read about it here.


Day 1, Part 2

Recently we revealed a special advance peek of the Day 1 agenda for Future of Fintech (June 11-13, NYC).

Here’s a little bit more of what you can expect on June 12:

  • Kakaopay (KRX: 035720) CEO & co-founder — Kakaopay is used by half the population in Korea and has backing from Ant Financial. We’ll dive into its international growth strategy.
  • Citigroup (NYSE: C) Global Consumer Banking CEO — Will Citi's recent efforts to expand its digital offerings be enough to fend off competition from startups and other mega-banks?
  • SEC Commissioner Robert Jackson — The lone Democratic commissioner. Need we say more?
  • OakNorth ($2.8B valuation) CEO and co-founder — OakNorth is the first profitable challenger bank in the UK. Is its growth coming from new market expansion, new product offerings, or both?
  • Quicken Loans CEO — Quicken Loans is the largest mortgage lender in the US with plans to make its entire loan experience digital. What is it doing to distinguish itself from the rest of the industry?

Don’t forget, exclusive CBI analyst presentations will only be delivered at the Future of Fintech.

Save over $2K with our group ticket here or $500 off a single ticket with code cantmissday1Heads up — prices increase on May 1.

Are you a good witch or a bad witch?

Is psychographics the "dark arts" of marketing, or just the standard operating procedure for savvy advertisers?

We break down what psychographics is, how companies across industries are leveraging it to increase audience engagement, and more. Check it out.

Self-care for all

The $4.2T wellness economy is booming, but it has been criticized for being out of reach to those who need health and well-being services the most.

We take a look at how retailers are bringing wellness to the masses.


Thanks, Reddit.

 Up through the atmosphere

Amazon has plans to put 3,236 satellites in space to provide global high-speed internet.

We break down what the project — code named Project Kuiper — could mean for the Amazon empire and its competitors. Clients can check it out here.

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ICYMI, CB Insights was featured on The Muse’s list of 10 Incredible Companies Hiring Right This Minute. Check out our profile here.

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The Industry Standard

CB Insights data is the most trusted by those in the industry and the media. A few recent hits.

Boston Globe. Jon Chesto (@jonchesto) writes about the New York-Boston tech rivalry and refers to PwC and CB Insights’ latest MoneyTree report.

The Economist. This article discusses the recent wave of Silicon Valley unicorn IPOs and references CB Insights data.

Forbes. Alex Ledsom writes about investment trends in non-alcoholic beverages and refers to CB Insights research.

Fast Company. Melissa Locker (@woolyknickers) lists 9 industries being transformed by cannabis and cites CB Insights research.

I love you.


P.S. We're hiring an email marketing manager. Check out the description of the position here. If this sounds like you, we'd love to chat.

The Blurb

A curated mix of articles worth sharing.

Something rotten. Scientists are studying a new bacterium species to see how to make plastic waste rot.

The bells of Notre-Dame. An architectural historian made 3D scans of Notre-Dame Cathedral before he died. They could help restore the cathedral after Monday’s devastating fire.
The Atlantic

Death to the funeral. The funeral industry is undergoing some major changes as the baby boomer population ages.
Washington Post

Let’s try it. Two cancer patients in the US have been treated using CRISPR for the first time.

Another face in the crowd. The NYT built a legal facial recognition machine in New York City’s Bryant Park using 3 rooftop cameras and a $100 budget.
New York Times
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