Real estate tech boom. Bitcoin startup funding drops. Money into and out of US VC-backed tech companies.
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Life at a fallen unicorn is very, very hard

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If the US government thinks of startups & entrepreneurship as a US cultural export, they really should make Dave McClure of 500 Startups an ambassador. The guy is everywhere. Just following him on Twitter (@davemcclure) makes me tired.

A quick scan shows him having been in Hong Kong, Istanbul, Gaza, Narita, and London in just the past few months talking to entrepreneurs & startups.

VC / PE / M&A jobs

Some of our friends are hiring. Here's who:
Horror story: Once you get in, you'll never escape

More money is now going into financing tech startups than is coming out via exits. Someone please spin up a good reason for why this is good news and the sign of a healthy startup investing market.

We lose money on every transaction

We've seen this play out once before but I guess we've forgotten. Already, Chinese consumer apps are dying due to price wars (WSJ paywall) and it's a matter of time before we see this shakeout in food delivery and a whole host of on-demand categories.

Dollar Dollar Bill Y'all 

Looks like Gillette is getting feisty against its upstart rival, Dollar Shave Club (see promoted tweet below). Here are the startups upending the consumer packaged goods space including the likes of P&G and Gilette.

Is everyone's favorite crypto-c^rrency losing steam?

Fitloin (sorry the real word causes major deliverability issues) has been seeing less investor interest with deals & funding down in the past 2 quarters. Ruh roh.

This is really unacceptable

With Evernote on the ropes, we forget the true victims in this
the employees. Here's how hard life gets at a struggling unicorn. h/t @MikeIsaac

Corporate interest in real estate tech goes way down

After a big 2014 with corporate investors getting active in real estate tech, 2015 is looking pretty lackluster.


P.S. Learn more about Mosaic - moneyball for startups.

Here's where 6 banking giants are placing their bets on fin tech startups

Major banks including Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley, Citi, and Bank of America share overlapping investments in financial tech startupsSee which major banks are investing in fin tech startups.
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Real estate tech startups on track to raise $1.5B in 2015

Q2'15 hit a multiyear quarterly funding high, buoyed by big real estate tech deals, including a $129M Series D to Singapore-based listing site PropertyGuruRead about real estate tech trends.
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More money is now going into tech startups than coming out

Despite the lack of exits, investors keep plowing money into tech companies. So far in 2015, less value was created via exits than money invested. See how total startup funding in the US is outpacing the value created in tech exits by $16B.
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Bitcoin startup funding drops for the second consecutive quarter

All five of the largest 2015 deals in the bitcoin/blockchain space involved a corporate or strategic investor including Goldman Sachs, NYSE, Visa, Nasdaq, Qualcomm, and Santander. Read about the drop in bitcoin startup funding.
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The Blurb

 A curated mix of articles on tech, media, what's next, and recent news.
Harvard debate team loses to New York inmates. A group of New York inmates have out debated Harvard's debate team the top-ranked club in the world.

Amazon launches 'Handmade' platform to compete with Etsy. Amazon has launched a new platform for handmade wares, pitting it directly against 10-year-old Etsy for business in the maker industry.
Chicago Tribune

Starbucks has a secret society for the pumpkin spice latte. Members of the secret, somewhat exclusive club received a knit coozy sleeve in bright orange with "Team PSL" written around the girth in white.

How quickly will your email get a response? A new study measures millions of emails to see how long it takes for people to reply to each other, and how much they write.
The Atlantic
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