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The great philosopher Mark Cuban once said “Don’t take advice from people who don’t have to live with the consequences.”

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It'll cost you

The world of startups is harsh. Most don't make it, and failure isn't cheap. From Anki to Theranos to Munchery, we take a look at 167 of the most expensive startup failures of all time

Go to print

3D printing for consumer products has yet to live up to the hype, but it's thriving in the industrial world.

The space has seen significant fundraising growth since 2013, and an additional $2B is expected to be spent on 3D printing by 2022.

From cosmetics to public transportation to clean energy, we take a look at 35 industries 3D printing technology could transform.


I’ve also heard the murder allegations against them are false.

 Facebook's crypto horoscope

After much hype and speculation, Facebook announced the details of its cryptocurrency project Libra at the end of last week.

We take a look at the project's partners, technical specifics, and why it matters. Clients can read about it here.

Plan for change

The US' $617B P&C insurance market is becoming more competitive each year. Insurers are adopting new tech while digital insurgents are working to establish themselves.

We look at change and innovation across the P&C space, what incumbents should prioritize, and more. Check it out here.

The claw

Taiwan is in the throes of a claw machine craze.

All-night arcades can have as many as 30 machines. Each one is rented to a supplier who’s responsible for keeping it stocked — and the loot can range from stuffed animals and candy to vegetables to hairdryers.

The games are so popular that the number of companies running the arcades has almost tripled over the last 2 years. Players sometimes spend as much as NT$5,000 ($159) per month playing claw machines, which is often about half of a family’s grocery budget.

You can read about it in The Blurb.

 Beep beep

Traffic is clogging up the streets of cities around the world, and it's only expected to get worse. Now startups are emerging to tackle the issue.

From connected infrastructure to V2X tech to parking, we take a look at 40+ companies transforming traffic management. Expert Intelligence clients can see them all here.

Last chance

Time is running out for you to get a ticket at our best rates to the Future of Health (October 2-3, NYC)

On the fence? Here are the 4 reasons to attend:

  1. An impressive C-Suite and founder-heavy lineup. Our speakers are always hand-picked — no pay-to-play. New additions include the Chief Medical Officer of Flatiron Health (acquired by Roche for $2B), the GM of Bose Health, and the Head of Uber Health.
  2. Meet 1:1 with senior-level attendees and buyers from Fortune 100 companies including: UnitedHealth, Procter & Gamble, Humana, Johnson & Johnson, IBM, and more. Our lounge for scheduled meetings makes networking simple.
  3. A global set of startup founders from around the world will be in attendance. So far we have startup founders coming from Russia, Canada, the UK, Singapore, Brazil, the Netherlands, and more.  
  4. You’ll pay another $500 if you delay your decision by a week.

The Industry Standard

CB Insights data is the most trusted by those in the industry and the media. A few recent hits.

Fortune. Adam Lashinsky (@adamlashinsky) and Aaron Pressman (@ampressman) write about Amazon’s announcement of its Professional Beauty Store and reference CB Insights research.

Federal Trade Commission. Commissioner Noah Joshua Phillips’ opening keynote on how M&A drives competition cites CB Insights research

Medium. Commerce Ventures discusses why flanker brands don’t work in banking and references CB Insights research.

I love you.


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The Blurb

A curated mix of articles worth sharing.

The claw has chosen. Residents of Taiwan are hooked on claw arcade games, sometimes spending half of their monthly grocery budget on the machines.
Atlas Obscura

Say 'census.' The US Census Bureau will use new high tech tools to capture satellite and aerial images in the 2020 census.

Is anybody out there? A gas detected on Mars could be a sign of microbes living on the planet.
New York Times

Speaking of space…Startups and investors are getting in on the new space race.
Wall Street Journal

Meanwhile, back on Earth…Sidewalk Labs plans to spend $1.3B on its tech-based “city-within-a-city” on Toronto’s waterfront.
The Verge
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