Big names in solar. Wine tech. World's darkest material. 


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A quick housekeeping item.

Steve Jurvetson did not join us at the A-ha! Conference earlier this afternoon. He's welcome to join us at a future CB Insights event when he's able to participate in a wide-ranging interview.

Earthy notes

Our wine tech market map highlights startups focused on everything from selling wine online, to producing grapeless wine, to offering AI-driven pairings.

Next event

The Future of Fintech is June 19 – 21st at Lincoln Center.


Solar stars

With 8 investments, French electric utility giant Engie tops our list of most active solar investors, followed closely by Oakland, California-based incubator Powerhouse. 

Caterpillars are not into transformation. Got that?

Thanks to all of our readers for sending us these nonsensical management consultant frameworks.

Here's some more genius. 

Thanks to Geoff Devereux for sending us this one.

Black is the new black

The industrial coating Vantablack is so dark it makes 3D objects look like they've been photoshopped into absolute blackness. 

Vantablack is already seeing applications in medical devices, imaging systems, and luxury goods, and new kinds of “superblack” substances are also cropping up — inspiring new applications for non-reflective, ultra-dark materials.

The Industry Standard

CB Insights data is the most trusted by those in the industry and the media. A few recent hits.

Bloomberg. Shelly Banjo (@sbanjo) writes about the Jakarta school banning food delivery from Indonesian ride-hailing unicorn Go-Jek and cites CB Insights unicorn data

MIT Tech Review. Erin Winick (@erinwinick) looks at how AI is shaking up the legal industry and cites CB Insights funding data. 

Thailand Business News. A look at travel tech startups in Thailand, with a reference to CB Insights travel tech data. 

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P.S. On Tuesday, we're hosting a webinar explaining all things blockchain technology, from Bitcoin and Ethereum to ICOs. Join us for the briefing

The Blurb

A curated mix of articles worth sharing.

Silver lining. Craig Giammona (@SitkaWriter) on how the Amazon-Whole Foods deal is a good thing for delivery startups. 

Fake news. Millions of people post comments on federal regulations, from net neutrality to payday lending. Thousands of these posts are fake. 
Wall Street Journal

Bitwise Hold 10. The world's first index fund for cryptocurrencies is now taking on investors. 

The smart, the stupid, and the scary. Logic Magazine interviews a veteran data scientist on AI, deep learning, fintech, and the future of tech. 

No more normcore. Diana Budds (@DianaBudds) on millennial branding, IoT for kids, mid-century modern, and the worst design trends of 2017.
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