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How JPMorgan Is Preparing For The Next Generation Of Consumer Banking
JPMorgan Chase is rebuilding its consumer business model to create a "digital everything" strategy that trades short-term losses for long-term profits.

Cloud Wars: How The Rivalry Between Amazon, Microsoft, and Google Has Enabled The Rise Of Multi-Cloud Strategies
While Amazon Web Services remains the dominant cloud services platform, Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud Platform are increasing their market share. As a result, companies are employing "multi-cloud" strategies that are changing the structure of the cloud industry and the power dynamics that lie within.

How Banks Are Teaming Up To Bring Blockchain To Trade Finance
Trade finance has seen more successful blockchain pilots than other use cases, but will historically conservative banks have the same risk appetite to move from testing to full-scale production?

Don’t Hit Snooze On Sleep Tech: How Companies Are Reshaping The Sleep Economy
From makeup brands to hotels to mobile apps, companies are targeting millennials by promoting a good night's sleep.

7 Companies Using Blockchain To Power AI Applications
Various blockchain startups are working to democratize access to datasets and algorithms needed to train AI models.

50+ Startups Tackling Sports Stadium Technology
From drone delivery to real-time crowd sentiment analysis to live event holograms, startups are transforming the stadium experience.

Google Strategy Teardown: Google Is Turning Itself Into An AI Company As It Seeks To Win New Markets Like Cloud And Transportation
Google's next big thing will likely come from one of its new priority areas, like cloud, transportation, and healthcare. Each has a massive, global addressable market and plays well to Google's strength in AI.

 The Brick-and-Mortar Food Space Goes Driverless With Autonomous Ground Delivery
Brick-and-mortar food businesses are partnering with major OEMs and autonomous vehicle startups to cut down on last-mile delivery costs.

 Qualcomm Leads The Pack On 5G Spectrum Sharing
With the potential to change how 5G is allocated and deployed, shared spectrum has become a priority for this leading telecom chip maker.

Google Patent Envisions Devices Controlled & Authenticated Via Touch Pattern
Google's patent creates streamlined interactive cords that expand beyond standard control systems to improve both functionality and, most importantly, security.


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