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The best place to watch the eclipse while eating at a waffle house.

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The State of Innovation

We're conducting our first ever State of Innovation Report Survey to benchmark innovation and growth activities, practices, and challenges within corporations.

If you are part of an innovation, strategy, or corporate venture team, take the survey to get the results

The most useful post we've ever done

While our compilation of 232 startup failures has been a perennial favorite, the more important and useful post we've ever had IMO is our compilation of 90+ market maps we've created.

It has market maps for everything from Fintech to CPG to retail to auto to healthcare to IoT and everything in between. If you want to understand your market and what is happening throughout tech in a visual, easy-to-understand way, bookmark this post.

If there were 100 people in the world

A very nice simple graphic of how'd they break down.

Exchanged exchanges

In last Friday's newsletter, we highlighted the stock price woes of recently public companies Blue Apron and Snap and incorrectly stated they were both listed on the Nasdaq.

They are actually both listed on the NYSE.

We screwed up. Sorry.

Can't hide from Amazon 

Following a few recent reports on industries that could evade Amazon’s capture, we used CB Insights data to take a critical look at so-called “Amazon-proof” sectors (and why they might be vulnerable after all). 

Take me to church

44% of Americans go to church one time or more per month.

Digital health highs 

Funding to digital health startups has increased every year since 2012, hitting a high of $6.9B in 2016. And investors remain bullish on the sector, with 2017 on track to hit a record $10B

Ride in style

Cargo, an NYC-based startup that installs snack kiosks inside Uber vehicles, announced today that it would now be offering free beauty products as part of its service. 

The announcement is another example of how brands are looking for new means to reach their customers. We took a look at 100+ other startups helping bridge the gap between digital and physical commerce.

The Industry Standard

CB Insights data is the most trusted by those in the industry and the media. A few recent hits.

Huffington Post. Vala Afshar (@ValaAfshar), Chief Digital Evangelist at Salesforce, looks at AI and machine learning trends and highlights CB Insights' Fintech 250.

Stratechery. Ben Thompson (@benthompson) discusses game theory and Uber and features exit data from CB Insights' Benchmark Capital teardown

Deal Street Asia. Antonia Timmerman (@timmerman91) writes about VC trends in emerging markets using data from CB Insights' 100-page Rise of the (Global) Rest report. 

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P.S. On August 24th, we're digging into AI, healthcare, and the future of drug pricing. Join us for the briefing

From healthcare to payments: supposedly 'Amazon-proof' industries are turning out to be vulnerable

Following the release of some questionable speculation about which industries could survive an Amazon takeover, we investigated a selection of recent analyst claims to spotlight the strategic moves some aren't seeing. Check it out.
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Healthy & wealthy: digital health deals and funding hit record highs 

After a dip in H2'16, digital health financing is on the rebound, with deals and funding on track to hit new highs in 2017. Check it out.
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The store of the future: 150+ startups transforming brick-and-mortar retail in one infographic

Startups are outfitting retailers with augmented reality, beacons, wearables, and more to bridge the gap between digital and physical shopping. See the map
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The Blurb

A curated mix of articles worth sharing.

Flashy shirts. Spencer Bailey (@Spencer_Bailey) profiles Matias Duarte, Google's VP of Design, and the effect on UX that Duarte has had at Google and beyond. 
Surface Mag

Overbudget earth. Levi Olmstead (@levi_olmstead) writes about last week's Earth Overshoot Day, or the day we exceed the "annual budget" of natural resources the earth can replenish in a year. 
LinkedIn Pulse 

Digital dressing room. Scottie Gardonio (@ScottieGardonio) on the ways that AR/VR might change the future of shopping. 

Wired. David B. Sicilia looks at how Great Plains farmers used barbed-wire fences to transmit early telephone calls. 

Inspector gadgets. Nicole Friedman (@NicoleFriedman) examines how drones are emerging as a new way to make processing auto- and home-insurance claims a faster, safer process. 

Claws out. Maya Rhodan (@m_rhodan) reports on a recent survey that found 1 in 5 Americans feel they work in a "hostile" work environment. 

Sore loser. Blair Hanley Frank (@belril) on the AI bot that beat one of the world's top Dota 2 players so quickly that he quit halfway through round 2. 

Shelf life. Megan Morton interviews Man Booker prize-shortlisted author Hanya Yanagihara about what it's like to share an apartment with 12,000 books. 
The Guardian

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