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Our friends in media are seeing terrible layoffs. Buzzfeed, HuffPost, and Gannett were among those affected this week (see This Week in Data, below).

To lose any news reporter jobs now is brutal, because we already have too few. 

That said, we are interested in speaking to any analytical ex-journalists who want to help us research the tech, biz models, competitors, and market trends of tomorrow. 

We have open jobs for research analysts across levels and specialties including fintech, AI, retail, and healthcare. 

We already have 3 happy ex-journos on staff now (including yours truly). And who wouldn't want to work with this crew?

There's a drone for everything

Drone technology has been used by defense organizations and tech-savvy consumers for a while, but it's catching on in many other sectors.

The emerging global market for business services using drones is valued at $127B+. 

From waste management to education to gaming, we take a look at 38 industries that could be disrupted by drones.

Show me the data

Data centers play a crucial role in ingesting, computing, storing, and managing information. With over 175 zettabytes of data expected by 2025, their importance is only growing.

But many of today's data centers are clunky, inefficient, and outdated. Data center operators, including big tech cos, are working to upgrade them. 

We explore how data centers operate, how they're evolving, and more. Check it out here.


Strategy consulting is a $92B industry, but startups are emerging and chipping away at management consulting functions.

To prevent their own disruption, some of the largest consulting firms are ramping up investments and acquisitions.

We take a look at where consulting firms are placing their bets. Expert Intelligence clients can read more here.

It's a no from me

Product innovation is key to staying competitive in an ever-changing marketplace, but creative ideas don't always work out.

From Crystal Pepsi to Microsoft's Zune to the Keurig Kold, we take a look at 141 of the biggest product failures of all time.

 Can we speed this up?

Parkinson's disease affects more than 10M people worldwide, and there is currently no cure or concrete understanding of its causes. But the effort to cure Parkinson's cuts across industries.

Big tech players and pharma companies are now turning to AI. We take a closer look at how the technology is being used to to analyze biometric data and expedite solutions. Expert Intelligence clients can read about it here.

Halp! Halp!

Some of our friends are hiring:

Have a great rest of the week.


P.S. On February 12, we'll be discussing game-changing startups to watch in 2019. Register for the briefing here.

This week in data:

  • 24 million: More than 24 million financial documents given to banks have been found online following a server security lapse. These documents — from mortgage agreements to tax documents — contained sensitive data such as Social Security numbers, names, addresses, credit history, and more. While fewer people have been affected than in other breaches, the amount of data available means the repercussions are potentially worse. The server, which was owned by OpticsML, was not password protected. Learn more about how data is stored and managed in our new Future of Data Centers report.

  • 15%: It’s been a rough week for media workers. This week, a handful of companies announced layoffs across different divisions. BuzzFeed will be cutting 220 employees, or 15% of its total staff. Gannett announced layoffs across the nation, from journalists to editors to a high school reporter. Huffington Post began a round of layoffs as part of parent company Verizon Media Group’s larger restructuring plans (the company plans to cut 7% of its staff nationwide).
  • 19g: Impossible Burger, creator of plant-based burgers, is upgrading its recipe. The “Impossible Burger 2.0” patty reportedly tastes better, has less fat, and is gluten free, as well as having a heartier structure that can be cooked in more ways. The meat-free burger is made from ingredients including peas, brown rice, and mung beans, and uses beet juice to get the juiciness of a meat-based burger. A 4oz patty has the same amount of iron (4.2g) and protein (19g) as a beef burger. (Editor’s note: a CB Insights employee didn’t eat her Impossible Burger today because she thought it was real meat.) We cover meatless startups — as well as insect protein, dairy replacements, fish-free seafood, and more — in our Meatless Future report. Check it out.

  • 96%: Alzheimer's may be related to gum disease, according to a recently published study. New evidence suggests a connection between Porphyromonas gingivalis, a key bacteria linked to chronic gum disease, and Alzheimer’s patients. Research shows this bacteria “invades and inflames brain regions affected by Alzheimer’s,” and uses toxic enzymes to feed on human tissue in 96% of the 54 brain samples that were looked at. The study provides hope for treatment of the disease that impacts nearly 5.7 million Americans. We recently looked at the big pharma players that are also working on treatments for Alzheimer's’ here.

  • 2023: Aircraft manufacturer Boeing has successfully tested its “flying car.” The company’s autonomous flying taxi prototype was able to takeoff, hover, and land during a test conducted in Manassas, VA. Boeing’s urban mobility arm, Boeing NeXt, enlisted Aurora Flight Sciences (which is developing flying taxis with Uber) to design and develop the prototype. While you may not be taking a flying rideshare to work anytime soon, here are the most important mobility trends to watch in 2019.

One more thing...

Atlas Obscura

Sunvale Village is located on a dirt road in Twentynine Palms, California. It has a current population of 56 residents, all of whom are rejected toys.

The artist who created the village uses the toys to comment on societal issues, including the environment, gender inequality, and gentrification.

Each toy resident has been given a detailed backstory about its past, how it came to be in Sunvale, and what it contributes to the community.
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