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We're busy with our Future of Fintech Conference in New York today. You can find a list of companies in attendance below. 

But first check out these pieces on fintech industry trends from Maveron partner Rebecca Kaden (on millennials, who switch banks far more often than older demographics) and Maria Gotsch, CEO at Partnership Fund for New York City (on the common ground between large financial services companies and startups).  

You can also read about all of the day's sessions on our research blog.


If fintech isn't your thing, we also have data on smart money VC bets on food delivery startups and US tech investment trends below.

Smart food 

We look at smart money VC activity in the food delivery spaceCollectively, the top two-dozen VCs participated in 5 food delivery deals worth over $330M in Q1’16, up from just 2 deals in Q4’15.

Slowly but surely?

We dig into US tech investing trends in Q1'16. Deals dropped 14% and dollar funding collapsed by 40% in Q4’15, but deal activity bounced back in Q1’16 as funding saw an uptick while remaining well off mid-2015 peaks.

Who will be at the conference?

We put together a list of companies that will be present at the Future of Fintech Conference. You can access the full company list, "FOF Private Company Track 2016," on our database here.

The Industry Standard

CB Insights data is the most trusted by those in the industry and the media. A few recent hits.

Telstra. In the new report “Millennials, Mobiles and Money,” Rocky Scopelliti (@RockyScopelliti) quotes CB Insights senior analyst Matt Wong (@mlcwong) and features graphics on the startups serving Millennials.

The Wall Street Journal. Georgia Wells talks about meal-delivery startup, Sprig, and its move towards a lean business model while citing CB Insights data on funding to food startups.

Biz Journals. Debora Lima (@dtdlima) dives into discussion about Miami-based on-demand company, Neighborhood Fuel, and cites CB Insights data on funding to on-demand companies.

City A.M. Lynsey Barber (@lynseybarber) references CB Insights funding data in her piece on property technology startups and financing.

Have a great rest of the week. 


P.S. Tune into the livestream. You won't want to miss out. #FutureFintech

Geographic Spotlight
Silicon Valley doesn't have a monopoly on innovation. Here's a look at startups, emerging industries, and deals elsewhere in the US and the world.

Brazil, host of the upcoming 2016 summer Olympics, has a thriving startup scene. Active investors within the Brazilian ecosystem include 500 Startups and Qualcomm Ventures. There were over 15 deals to VC-backed companies in Brazil in 2016 year-to-date. Here are the 5 largest.
  • XP Investimentos, an independent brokerage firm, raised a $130M private equity round.
  • Nubank, a fintech startup, raised a $52M Series C.
  • Dr. Consulta, a provider of primary care to low income, uninsured families, raised a $25.9M Series A.
  • GuiaBolso, a personal financial management platform, raised a $17.3M Series C.
  • WebRadar, a provider of analytics tools for telecommunications, energy, and transportation verticals, raised a $10M Series B.

Smart money VCs are betting on food delivery startups

Despite a perception that food delivery is overcrowded, smart money VCs are still active in the area. Deal activity saw an uptick in Q1'16. See the data.
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US tech investment still on the mend after a brutal finish in 2015

Investment in private US tech companies remain depressed after the collapse at the tail-end of 2015. Deals recover but funding remains significantly below 2015 levels. Read about it.
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The Blurb

A curated mix of articles on private companies, venture capital, emerging industries, and innovation.

Silicon Valley has a problem. Riva-Melissa Tez (@rivatez) says the word "problem" has lost its meaning, and if companies continue to pitch their perk-based products and services as "game-changing solutions to global problems," they will fail.

The coming paradigm shift in manufacturing. Albert Wenger (@albertwenger) talks about the paradigm shift in manufacturing away from mass production to fast, low-cost, smaller batch capabilities.

You don't need a co-founder. Charlie O'Donnell (@ceonyc) says having a team is more important than having a co-founder.
This is Going to be Big

The venture capital funding environment. Mark Suster (@msuster) dives into the changes in the VC funding environment and provides a brief history from the rise of seed to the rise of angels to the growth in number of startups, and more to put the changes into context.
Both Sides of the Table

Filling out a round. Fred Wilson (@fredwilson) says to focus on deep pockets who are known to follow on and be supportive, and to avoid troublemakers when it comes to deciding on who to let into the round.

The two biggest challenges for beauty/fashion startups. Tanya Soman (@tanyasoman) says there two particularly difficult things about building a company in these spaces that founders need to know, including the need to test monetization early.
500 Startups

Tech talk. Hunter Walk (@hunterwalk) sits down with Sadie Kurzban (@sadiekurzban) to talk about her company, 305 Fitness.
Hunter Walk

Dear tech industry. Greg Leffler (@lefflergreg) talks about the trend among software companies into "bullying" their users into submission via aggressively deprecating software and using popups to force upgrades.
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