On-demand rise & fall. Top pharmacy retailers' bets. Medical device startup acquisitions.
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The Most Active Space Tech Investors
Unique investors to space tech companies fell to 65 in 2016, after hitting a high of 111 in 2015.

The Rise And Fall Of On-Demand Startup Valuations Over Time
China-based Didi Chuxing raised $5.5B in a massive funding round that raised its valuation to $50B.

89+ Startups Reinventing The Restaurant In One Infographic
Startups have raised nearly $2.5B to integrate digital features into nearly every aspect of restaurant operations.

7 Industries Including Law, HR, Travel, And Media Where AI Is Making An Impact
We take a look at categories where AI startups are beginning to emerge. A majority of them are in the early stages of funding.

Where Pharmacy Giants Walgreens, CVS, Walmart, And Rite Aid Are Placing Private Market Bets
Among top pharmacy retailers, Walmart has made the most deals and acquisitions, but Walgreens has been the most active in healthcare specifically.

The Race To Acquire Medical Device Startups In One Graphic
Around 22% of all medical device companies acquired since 2012 have had VC backing.

Smart Money VCs Bet On Direct-to-Consumer Beauty Startups
Smart money VCs have faced mixed results in the beauty & grooming space. Their bets mainly focus on D2C and other new distribution methods.

The Most Well-Funded Private E-Commerce Companies In One Map
China tops the US as home to the most private e-commerce companies with funding over $100M.

Regtech Deals And Dollars Dip Again
Regtech deals slipped in Q1’17 to 27 deals worth approximately $205M and are projected to drop further behind 2016’s totals.

Leading Food Corporates Amp Up Startup Bets
General Mills has focused its VC investments on new product lines, while Campbell's investment arm has focused more on tech.

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