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Health Fulfillment By Amazon

If Jeff Bezos sneezes and it vaguely sounds like the name of a company, the stock will shift 5%.

At least that's what appears to be happening: Yesterday, Amazon announced it is starting a healthcare company with Berkshire Hathaway and JPMorgan. There aren't any real details yet, but across the board $30B in market cap for healthcare companies was vaporized!  Amazon delivery is fast, especially when it's a dropkick to your stock price.

There will be more details about this later, but it's important to remember that this isn't the first consortium of employers that have tried to bring down healthcare costs. The real question is, how is this different?

Here's one guess: Amazon is using its own employee base as a testing ground for an independent insurance plan or health benefits manager. First it could create its own plan for employees which ties together its seemingly disparate healthcare moves in care delivery, pharmacy distribution, health data, etc. Then once it's fine tuned and the company has built out a marketplace of suppliers (providers, pharmacies, etc.), it can sell that service to employers or individuals. 

We like to call that "dogfooding" your own product.

This is actually a similar story with what happened with AWS, the company's incredibly fast growing cloud services arm. Amazon had an internal problem, it came up with its own standardized solution, then it turned that into a product to sell to enterprises. What if that same playbook was applied to a health insurance or health benefits plan? (An issue every company deals with, especially smaller ones.)

Check out our 100+ slide deck on 11 other trends in the space including an an increasing focus on Medicaid, challenges to lab testing giants, new patient financing options, and more.

Answering Cancer

We analyzed the most well-funded cancer therapy companies based on the types of cancer they're treating and the therapy type. Expert intelligence clients can see the full analysis here.

Innovation Playbook

Executives focused on enterprise innovation and growth have a tough job because there is no playbook for how to be successful. We’re changing that with CB Insights Councils.

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This Week in Digital Health

A curated mix of recent articles on digital health financings, exits, announcements, hirings, partnerships & perspectives.

Notable Deals

TytoCare Series C. TytoCare, which develops consumer-facing telehealth products, raised a $25M Series C from investors including Ping An Global Voyager Fund, Cambia Health Solutions, and Walgreens.
PR Newswire

Valera Health Series A. Valera Health, developer of a behavioral health platform, raised a $3.4M Series A from Trinnovate Ventures.
MedCity News

eKincare Series A. India-based eKincare, which develops a mobile platform for patients to consolidate their medical history, raised a $1.5M Series A from investors including VenturEast, Endiya Partners, and Eight Roads Ventures.

Flosonics Medical financing. Flosonics Medical, developer of non-invasive sensors for critically ill patients, raised $4.05M in financing from investors including iGan Partners, Genesys Capital, and MaRS Investment Accelerator Fund (IAF).
Venture Canvas

LRVHealth's $100M fund. Investment firm LRVHealth is partnering with 8 nationwide healthcare systems, Innovation Institute, and more than 20 industry insiders for a $100M venture fund for digital health, medical devices and diagnostics.
Healthcare Informatics

CureFit raises. India-based CureFit, which develops a health and fitness mobile app, raised $10M in debt financing from Axis Bank and HDFC Bank. 
ET Tech

Direct Scripts raises. Direct Scripts LLC., developer of a mail-order pharmacy, raised $3.65M.
Columbus Business First

Lifebank financing. Nigeria-based Lifebank, which develops a smart blood system to deliver blood donations and other medical products to hospitals, raised $200K in seed financing from investors including EchoVC Partners, Fola Laoye, and Co-Creation Hub.

Humanoo financing. Germany-based Humanoo, which develops a digital health companion for a company's employees, raised $6.2M in seed financing from investors including Creathor Ventures, DvH Ventures, and Rheingau Founders. 

FIRE1 Series C. Ireland-based FIRE1, developer of remote monitoring devices for patients with heart failure, raised a $49.7M Series C from investors including Gilde Healthcare Partners, Seventure Partners, and Gimv.


Omada Health launches digital diabetes trial. Digital therapeutics company Omada Health is partnering with University of Nebraska Medical Center (UNMC) and Wake Forest University for a digital diabetes prevention clinical trial. 

New health care venture of Amazon, Berkshire, and JP Morgan. The 3 companies are partnering to create a health care company that would benefit its employees and their families. 

InTouch Health partners. InTouch Health, developer of telemedicine solutions, is partnering with health systems Mission Health and Jefferson Health for developing new telehealth platforms. 

Kenzen + Gore Innovation Center. Developer of personal health monitors and analytics, Kenzen will partner with Gore Innovation Center to make a comprehensive wearable health monitoring system using Gore's advanced materials.
HIT Consultant

Derms integrate machine learning for diagnoses. Dermatologists at a Missouri-based health system, CoxHealth, are using VisualDx, an app that combines medical images with machine learning for helping with diagnostics.
Healthcare IT News

New ultrathin biosensor for heart monitoring. A clinical feasibility study with atrial fibrillation patients was conducted using a new ultrathin, highly flexible wearable cardiac sensor that can measure cardiac signals for both ambulatory and home environments.
Nature Digital Medicine

Mobile app Welloh adds new tools. Welloh, a free mobile app added new features that give consumers information about available healthcare choices and services. 
PR Newswire

drchrono partners with HDP Health. EHR platform developer drchrono is partnering with HDP Health, a centralized system for clinical trials, for helping physicians identify eligible patients for clinical trials. 
MedCity News

Syapse expands to Asia. Syapse, which develops applications for precision oncology care, is expanding in Asia with a key partnership with Seoul National University Hospital in South Korea.  
Genome Web

Johns Hopkins, UMB, Betamore's new accelerator. John Hopkins Technology Ventures, University of Maryland, Baltimore, and Betamore are looking for 5 local health companies for their new accelerator.
Baltimore Business Journal

Articles & Perspectives

Chest x-ray analyzing AI, CheXNet: a review. Radiologist/Ph.D. candidate Luke Oakden-Rayner analyzes the efficiency of "CheXNet," a type of image analyzing AI used for chest x-rays. By presenting the datasets and the statistical analysis behind them, Oakden-Rayner discusses this technology's performance on par with radiologists and where he still has skepticism.
Luke Oakden-Rayner Blog

Redesigning care to reduce physician burnouts. With burnout rates 2x as high in medicine compared to other fields, this article explores the contributing factors of increasing clerical burden and heavy clinical loads. Measuring the extent of this issue will be the first step to redesigning care.
New England Journal of Medicine

New era for women's healthcare. More startups are targeting women's healthcare especially with regards to fertility care options. Rina Raphael outlines the current standouts of fertility tech as well as what the future holds for this specific market.
Fast Company
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