Top acquirers of AI startups. Insurance recap. Space tech financing. Early-stage construction tech startups to watch.
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An innovative toy

Hi there,

The Middle East has been making a big push on technology investing and innovation as it tries to reduce its dependency on oil.

One thing it looks like it'll have to work on in the near term is the exorbitant cost of high speed internet as you can see in the below comparison of internet speed vs cost.

More here from CB Insights on investment trends in the Middle East & North Africa.

AI hustle

We updated our timeline of the most active corporates acquiring AI startups. Google and Apple still lead but Chinese internet giant Baidu has been notably aggressive in its AI acquisitions in 2017, with 3 M&A deals so far this year.

Barbie gets the top job (sorta)

Some highlights from the article as seen on Clickhole (see The Blurb for link):

"Female Interim CEO Barbie is the embodiment of class and confidence, ready to take on the most powerful role at the company while they search for new leadership. She’s the smart, savvy businesswoman that shareholders deserve to have at the helm until the board names the permanent CEO."

And this.

"Now, girls can use playtime to learn that they can go from senior VP to CEO and back again."

Insurance recap

We put together an insurance tech report in collaboration with Willis Towers Watson Securities and Willis Re, highlighting a number of topics including financing trends and how technology can revolutionize claims management and risk management.

Wanted: dog walker
Must have: MBA

Because we've run out of problems in NYC, our esteemed politicians are now focused on cracking down on the scourge of renegade dog walkers and dog sitters. 

Gotta love inane licensure requirements.

Follow the stars

Space tech deals ticked up for the second consecutive quarter, though funding is so far on track for a slowdown in 2017. Space tech companies are involved in the construction and launch of satellites or rocketry into outer space, as well as with using and selling data from outer space.

Building momentum

Early-stage companies are entering the construction space developing everything from construction-related marketplaces to predictive analytics for monitoring on-site risks and hazards. IrisVR, pictured below, offers a suite of virtual reality tools to construct 3D models in VR.

Industry Standard

CB Insights data is the most trusted by those in the industry and the media. A few recent hits.

Australian Financial Review. A look at Jawbone's demise with a reference to CB Insights research on costliest startup failure.

Denver Business Journal. A look at 22 celebrity startup investors with a mention of CB Insights data on the subject.

VentureBeat. A report on opportunities in drone-related software with a reference to CB Insights research on financing trends in the space.

Happy Monday.

I love you.


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Google, Baidu, Intel, Apple in a rush to grab AI startups

Corporate acquirers in the space have included tech giants Microsoft, Google, Samsung, and Apple. See the timeline.
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Insurance tech Q2 2017

CB Insights & Willis Towers Watson highlight how the use of technology can revolutionize claims management and risk management. Get the report.
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Space tech deals reach higher as funding dips

This year’s largest financing round to date was a $75M Series D to Rocket Lab, which aims to develop lightweight commercial rocket launch services. Check it out.
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12 early-stage construction tech startups to watch

Equipment marketplace platforms and project management software are among the top emerging construction tech startups. Read about it.
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The Blurb

Some articles worth sharing.

Empowering. Mattel just released an interim CEO barbie.

Why should I start a startup? Michael Seibel (@mwseibel) says there is a certain type of person who only works at peak capacity when there is no predictable path, the odds of success are low, and failure is seen as a personal responsibility.
Y Combinator

Startups. Andrew Chen (@andrewchen) on why startups are cheaper to build but more expensive to grow.
Andrew Chen

This much I know. John Lily (@johnolilly), partner at Greylock, on "product intentionality" and humility in venture.

Social impact investing will be the new VC. But the biggest obstacle to scale for the social sector is a lack of effective funding models.
Harvard Business Review
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