Not-so-outlandish IPO. A peek into Palantir. Dockless bike-sharing.

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Because you come to us for hard-hitting fact-based analysis, we thought you should know that Rihanna is mentioned more than Beyoncé on earnings calls.

As you'll see in the analysis, we also compare Rihanna to the Kardashians.

Why did we do this?

Cuz facts matter.

Limited visibility

Palantir is one of the most influential and least transparent data companies.

Before harvesting Facebook data from millions of users in 2014, Cambridge Analytica received help from at least one Palantir Technologies employee — whom Palantir said was not working on its behalf. 

We take a look at three recent patent applications that are shedding a little light on Palantir's methods and goals. Check them out here.

Brand agency jargon creator

Who doesn't love transforming transformations?

In your experience, is it better than synergizing synergies or digitizing digitization?

Thanks to reader Srinivas Seshadri for sending this. He is the world's best at strategizing strategies.

Not so far-fetched

The luxury fashion site FarFetch is rumored to be targeting a $5B valuation as it moves forward with its US listing — but is this a stretch?

Looking at FarFetch's multiples against four comparable public companies, it's valued at 14x price/sales — but adding sales growth rate into the mix makes the $5B valuation seem not so far-fetched. Read more here

I want to ride my bicycle

Dockless bike-sharing systems have gained prominence in the last few years.

China-based startups Ofo and Mobike have each received $2B+ in funding, and have begun to expand overseas. In the US, Limebike and JUMP Bikes are implementing the dockless model in big cities and universities.

From replacing short-distance commute methods to expanding the mobility market, we discuss the dockless model's impacts here.

April Fool’s heads-up

Sunday is April 1. People will try to be comedians for a day with various pranks, jokes, and shenanigans. Be warned — our April ticket price increase for Future of Fintech is for real.

Registration is already 20% ahead of this date last year. It’s no surprise — this year's lineup is insane. Some recent confirms include:

  • Catherine Bessant, chief operations and technology officer of Bank of America

  • Brad Garlinghouse, CEO & board member of Ripple

  • Sallie Krawcheck, CEO and co-founder of Ellevest

  • David Velez, founder and CEO of Nubank

Register before prices go up. You can even save $500 using code BESTYET.

The Industry Standard

CB Insights data is the most trusted by those in the industry and the media. A few recent hits.

American Banker. The article reports that online lender Upstart is hoping to raise $100M from investors and refers to CB Insights research.
Entrepreneur. Nidhi Singh (@nidhi_march) lists key areas or services that entrepreneurs should outsource when launching a startup and cites CB Insights research.
MedCityNews. Lisa Suennen (@venturevalkyrie) compares the value of genetic sequencing in healthcare to its misuse in consumer applications and refers to CB Insights’ Digital Health Newsletter.


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The Blurb

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