Corporates in H1'17. French tech financing trends. Genomics investors.

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Because we like to back up what we say with action, we just released our 71-page H1'17 Global CVC Report, which looks at global corporate venture capital activity in the first half of 2017.

We also concurrently released our 39-page Q2'17 French Tech Report in partnership with La French Tech, which looks at financing trends and active investors across France.

Check out a few highlights from the reports scattered below.

But first.

The diversity report

Sarah Cooper is one of my favorite writers because she not only writes well, but is also really good with data.  

Her recent tech diversity report is one such example. Some highlights below (you can find the entire report in The Blurb).

The diversity at the senior management ranks is promising.

Also, the increasing # of non-Stanford grads is reassuring.

Corps in H1'17

The number of corporate venture investors that actively invested in Q1'17 increased 23% from Q4'16, to 257. 262 actively invested in Q2’17, a quarterly record.

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Citi drives innovation using CB Insights

Citi recently used CB Insights for outreach in its Tech for Integrity Challenge (T4I), which received over 200 applicants from around the world. Following Demo Days with 100 finalists in Hyderabad, Abu Dhabi, Dublin, Mexico City, Buenos Aires, and Singapore, 6 winners were chosen for their solutions promoting integrity, accountability, and transparency in the public sector. Coming soon, one winner will be chosen as a T4I Game Changer.

Keen on genes

The genomics field not only deals with both technology/software and biology for enterprise uses, but also has a lot of consumer-facing applications (DNA testing kits, blood tests, etc.). This combination has attracted a wide range of investors, from both the technology side as well as the more purely biotech- and healthcare-focused funds.

Un, deux, trois

After two quarters in third place, France has narrowly pulled ahead of Germany in terms of dollar funding to tech companies in Q2’17. France has consistently ranked second to the UK in terms of quarterly deals to tech companies. 

Oh baby

Deal activity in baby and kids tech grew 48% between 2013 and 2016, reaching 176 deals in 2016. 2017 is currently on track to see a new high of 185 deals by the end of the year.

The Industry Standard

CB Insights data is the most trusted by those in the industry and the media. A few recent hits.

CNBC. Saheli Roy Choudhury (@sahelirc) discusses lessons from Whatsapp and mentions the CB Insights Unicorn Tracker

Business Insider. Heather Somerville (@heathersomervil) writes about trucking startup Convoy's recent funding round and cites CB Insights trucking tech investment data.

Reuters. Anna Irrera (@annairrera) looks at the latest fintech investment trends and refers to CB Insights' recent Global Fintech Report (Q2'17)

Deal Street China. Antonia Timmerman (@timmerman91) talks about Chinese bike-share startup Ofo's expansion plans and references CB Insights' Asia VC funding data.

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P.S. We'll be digging into fintech trends in Q2'17 next week. Sign up for the briefing.

The H1'17 Global CVC report

A comprehensive, data-driven look at global corporate venture capital activity in the first half of 2017. Download the report
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The most active investors in genomics

Genomics is seeing activity from a wide range of investors, from purely healthcare-focused investors to more generalist big-name VCs. Check it out.
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Tech funding trends in France Q2 2017

A comprehensive, data-driven look at emerging trends, investments, and active investors in France. Download the report
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Baby and kid tech startups on track to reach five-year deal high

Early-stage startups in the baby and kids tech space are gaining increasing investor attention. Check it out.
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The Blurb

A curated mix of articles worth sharing.

SEC on tokens. Fred Wilson (@fredwilson) responds to the SEC report that DAO Tokens are securities under US law.

Lead with need. David Bailey (@davesuperman) on how to sell the problem before selling the solution.

Prioritization. Melody Koh (@melodykoh) provides a framework for roadmap planning and prioritization.

Self-driving people. Thomas L. Friedman (@tomfriedman) believes the potential for Airbnb experiences could be bigger than home-sharing. 
New York Times

Diversity. From educational background to senior leadership, Sarah Cooper (@sarahcpr) shares a diversity in tech report.
The Cooper Review
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