Space tech market map. Southeast Asia tech. AI for Alzheimer's.
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Graduation day

Hi there,

So who will handle Little Rocket Man?

We're not sure but check out our space tech market map.


The number of streams of the song "Total Eclipse of the Heart" on Spotify show that it moved in tandem with the eclipse.

Demo Day

Many non-clients asked to attend The Demo Day we're hosting on December 12th at SFJAZZ. 

Right now, non-clients cannot attend.

But, we just set up a waitlist for those interested in case we have any open spots. It will take 9 seconds to fill it out.

Sign up if you'd like to attend.

We've had over 1700 startup applicants in <2 weeks.


State of Southeast Asia tech

We outlined the deals, VCs, investors, and tech trends defining the Southeast Asian region. From 2012 – 2017 year-to-date, Singapore has attracted the most investor money of all countries in our analysis, with investment totals reaching over $7.2B to Singapore-based tech startups.

A complicated but useful Venn diagram

What to feed a millennial. Super useful.

When in doubt, the answer is La Croix.

The Next Big Thing

A look at the research coming out of universities, corporate R&D teams, and government research labs that CB Insights thinks you should know about.

AI for Alzheimer's detection?

At the University of Bari in Italy, a team of researchers has developed an algorithm that uses artificial intelligence to diagnose early signs of Alzheimer’s disease. The algorithm accurately picked out other cases of Alzheimer’s 86% of the time. The process is modeled below, and you can read more here.

More stem cells

A recent study out of The Scripps Research Institute may have unlocked the key to converting adult cells back into stem cells — potentially avoiding many of the complications associated with harvesting embryonic stem cells and allowing for new avenues to stem cell treatments.


Candidly, I'm skeptical of University of Texas graduation rates after seeing this graph.

The Industry Standard 

CB Insights data is the most trusted by those in the industry and the media. A few recent hits.

Dark Reading. A look at cybersecurity financing in Q3'17 with a reference to CB Insights funding and deals data.

CNET. Abrar Al-Heeti (@alheeti_3) reports on Salesforce's new $50M AI fund and refers to data found in the CB Insights State of Artificial Intelligence Report.

Food Dive. A look at agtech startups and financing in the space with a reference to CB Insights investment data.

Happy Monday.

I love you.


P.S. We're diving into Goldman Sachs' strategy tomorrow. Sign up here for the briefing.

The state of Southeast Asia tech

We dig into Southeast Asia's burgeoning tech ecosystem, from financing trends by country to major investors making bets in the region. See the analysis.
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The space tech market map: 57 startups charting the final frontier

NASA’s embrace of private spaceflight has paved the way for private sector investments, and funding to “new space” companies has rocketed as a result. See the market map.
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Could an algorithm be the key to Alzheimer’s detection?

By 2050, 16 million Americans will suffer from Alzheimer's disease. Researchers have come up with an algorithm that can process brain scans to detect early signs of the disease. Read about it.
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A New Discovery That Turns Adult Cells Into Stem Cells Could Unlock Medical Treatments

Scientists screened a library of 100 million antibodies to find several that offer an easier way to reprogram adult cells into stem cells. Read about it.
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The Blurb

A curated mix of articles worth sharing.

Does innovation need a shot clock? Do deadlines push innovators to make better decisions?
Enterprise Innovation

Theory vs practice. Steve Blank (@sgblank) on removing the roadblocks to corporate innovation.
Steve Blank

It's a lot easier on this side of the table. Noah Jessop (@njess) says being a founder is far more difficult than being a VC.

Risk. Christian Hernandez (@christianhern) on the notion that venture capital is a business of risk mitigation, or at least a mental acceptance of risks.
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