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Things to talk about with your family

Hi there,

We dispel some idiotic rumors below. Read on.

Also, check out The Industry standard for a great report by Mark Sherman and Albert Bielinko of Telstra Ventures on the next evolution of corporate venture capital.

But first.

Quite a lineup you got there

We just added Chief Innovation Officer of Intuit, Bharath Kadaba, to The Innovation Summit lineup. 

Look at the entire speaker lineup. Insane.

We gots filings

On Friday, we uncovered a Delaware filing for Airbnb indicating the company has authorized an additional $153M in its Series F round. Our friends at TechCrunch, Bloomberg, Reuters, and elsewhere dug into the filing as you'll see in The Industry Standard section below.

For those following along at home, that's the 4th valuation data point/story we've helped uncover on unicorns in the last month. Our enhanced valuation data team found the new valuations of Postmates and Wish. In fact, Buzzfeed ended up disclosing their financing round because of reports based on our valuation data.

Here is more on how we gather our enhanced valuations data on private companies.

Two related reminders:

Working remotely

We dug into deals since 2012 to HR tech startups outside the US, mapping the most well-funded companies in each of the countries outside the US that have seen significant HR tech private market activity.

If you're struggling for what to talk about with the family at Christmas

Some data on male circumcision rates by country.

Patent throwdown: Tesla vs Daimler vs Audi

We used our patents data to analyze the strategy of Daimler, Tesla and Audi. It highlights the challenge that incumbents in any industry face with innovating on both their traditional business as well as in new technology areas. It's also clear that Daimler and Audi are not standing still and pushing innovation on multiple fronts.

Dumb rumors

Last week, I was speaking with a client (a large advisory firm), and they told me they'd heard a rumor that one of their competitors had acquired or invested in us.

A couple of weeks earlier, there was another rumor that we'd acquired a struggling startup in our space.

These are all 100% bull-isht.

Here's some facts.

  • Exit is a 4 letter word - We raised $10M last year and have touched zero of that money. Zero. We are not looking for investment and exit is a four letter word. Our focus is 100% on our product, our team, and our customers. We shut down all conversations about these topics as they are a distraction.
  • Team growth funded out of revenue - 2 years ago, we had 15 people and now, we have 105. Per bullet 1, we've done that without burning any cash. The business is working, and we've kept our bootstrapper mentality (aka don't light money on fire) while still growing at a rate that makes us one of NYC's fastest growing startups. Hint: We're hiring.
  • Hiring big guns - We recently hired Greenhouse's VP of Sales to lead our sales/customer success teams and engineers from great tech companies like Mailchimp to further our engineering lead. The talent level at CBI has always been high and is only getting better. Hint: We're hiring.
  • We don't acquire turds - We've looked at 4 acquisitions in the last year aligned with our previously stated M&A areas of interest. They were all great companies with interesting data or technology run by smart teams. We, however, didn't move forward with any for a variety of reasons. That said, we have zero interest in acquiring some of the crap wannabe competitors we have in our space. They don't help us meet any of our priorities. We expect many of them will burn through their cash and die in the next 12-18 months, and we're already seeing their customers migrating over.
Sorry for the inside'ry detour but for those of you (especially clients) who've heard anything like this, it's just noise. We keep a relatively low profile and remain focused on building a big biz the right way — great product, great team, and happy customers.

If you ever hear anything like the dumb rumors above, feel free to ping me directly. Just respond to this newsletter as those emails come to me.

Hard hat area

We look at financing to the construction tech space since 2012. 2016 has seen a slowdown in both deals and dollars with $151M projected through the rest of the year across 41 deals.

More topics for that holiday dinner

Countries beginning with "A" are 19.84% of earth's land area. Those beginning with "I" are 23.56% of population.

The Industry Standard

CB Insights data is the most trusted by those in the industry and the media. A few recent hits.

Telstra Ventures. Mark Sherman and Albert Bielinko discuss what's next for corporate VC in this detailed report.

. Katie Roof (@katie_roof) covers Airbnb's latest filing with a reference to CB Insights enhanced valuation data.

Bloomberg. Olivia Zaleski (@oliviazaleski) writes about Airbnb's authorization of an additional $153 million in its Series F round and refers to CB Insights enhanced valuation data.

CNBC. Krystina Gustafson (@krystinagustafs) says not all subscription retailers are going to last and cites CB Insights funding data.

Reuters. Heather Somerville (@heathersomervil) on Airbnb's latest extension to its Series F round with a reference to CB Insights enhanced valuation data.

Business Insider. A report that says the Oculus split — one focusing on PC VR and the other on mobile VR — signals the increasing division in the VR market with a reference to CB Insights investment data.

CIO. Ross Mason (@rossmason) dives into what banks can learn from fintech startups and cites CB Insights investment data.

I love you.


P.S. We've built a CRM for Innovation for Fortune 1000 companies to help them systematize their innovation efforts and get a seat at the big kids' table.


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Tesla patents highlight their energy and storage focus vs competitors like Daimler and Audi

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Seed and Series A construction tech deals accounted for three-quarters of deals in 2016 YTD. See the data.
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