Growing interest in construction tech. 15 European unicorns. Corporations working on autonomous vehicles.
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Half a trillion & some EUnicorns

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We launched the CB Insights "What's Next" podcast :) More details below.

I'll be in Philly on Tuesday talking to student entrepreneurs at Wharton. If you're in Philly and willing to trek to Penn's campus, maybe we can meet up? Ping me and we can try to coordinate.

25 corporations not named Google

Google isn't the only one making moves in the driverless car/autonomous vehicle space. We used CB Insights' partner, investment, and M&A da
ta to identify 25 corporations not named Google with driverless car ambitions. It isn't just auto makers as you'll see.

Note: Get a lot more insight into the driverless car industry at our free auto tech webinar.


Jimi Crawford, the Founder and CEO of Orbital Insight, which recently raised financing from Sequoia Capital, Google Ventures, Lux Capital, and Bloomberg Beta was our guest on the CB Insights "What's Next" podcast.

He talked satellites, the hyperloop, raising money from Sequoia, high-altitude drones, and many other things with our resident frontier tech expert, Mike Dempsey (@mhdempsey).

It's good. Give it a listen.

Dude, that's just buzzwords

One of my favorite sites is Techmeme. They have a "who's hiring in tech" part of the site. Companies have just a few words to get your attention as you'll see below.

Google, Facebook, Slack, and Amazon are just a few of the firms who advertise. 

So the question is: which company has the best recruiting tagline? And who has the worst? Let us know.

Sequoia, Greylock, Bain Capital make moves in construction tech

We previously highlighted oil & gas analytics companies to watch which underscores a trend we've been observing for a while
more investment into software targeting asset-based or asset-heavy industries.

A new target is the construction industry.

And smart money investors like Sequoia, Greylock, and Bain Capital are all making bets in the space which has already hit a multi-year high for funding activity.

While deal activity and funding levels in absolute terms are still relatively small, expect the moves by the smart money investors into construction tech to usher in others looking at the space.

Yes, the subtext here is that the thesis of many investors is to follow what smart investors do. It's probably not a bad strategy provided you're not too late to the party.

Nobody claims this strategy, of course, when pitching LPs, so let's just keep that between us.

If you want to understand how the smart money (think Accel, Sequoia, Greylock, Bain, Union Square Ventures, Benchmark, etc.) sees the world, check out Investor Analytics.

How to start a newsletter

I get questions from founders on how to start a newsletter now that the CB Insights newsletter reaches 101k folks. Most of the time, I just tell folks the best way to start a newsletter is to "start a newsletter." We were 24k last summer, so there is no magic formula except to do it.

But in this post, John Gannon provides some actionable advice on how to start a newsletter, which is more useful than my advice.

And he mentions the CB Insights newsletter along with The Skimm and REDEF who have killer newsletters. Sweet.

The EUnicorns

We break down the 16 European unicorns (aka EUnicorns) by valuation and their global unicorn rank and also detail what each of them does. Some names you'd expect and probably many you hadn't heard of.

h/t to Neil Murray of TechEU for, I believe, coining the EUnicorn term. 

Milestone alerts

There are now 138 unicorns globally and they just crossed the 1/2 a trillion dollar mark in aggregate (paper) value.

We crossed 100k on our newsletter 3 days after Labor Day. We didn't hit our 100k by Labor Day goal but thanks to everyone for spreading the word. We got close.

We just hit 14k followers on Twitter (@CBinsights). And we also just hit 1400 followers on LinkedIn, but to be honest, I have no idea what that is good for. But go ahead and follow us on LI if you're into that kind of thing.

Have a great week ahead.

Love ya,

P.S. If you sell to startups, stop sending emails after they raise VC titled "congrats on your raise." That is the laziest tactic ever. If you want to learn how to send good emails to startup prospects, we'll show you the light.

Tech startups are raising more and exiting for less

Between 2012 and 2014, the capital efficiency ratio for $1B+ exits has been cut in half. See how exits of VC-backed tech companies are becoming less capital efficient.
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Sequoia and Greylock deals highlight growing investor interest in construction tech

Funding to construction tech startups has already hit a multi-year high in 2015. Read about the growing market for construction tech.
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From Spotify to Shazam: The 16 European unicorns ranked by valuation

The European unicorns have an aggregate value of more than $31B. One third of them are fin tech companies. Check out the European startups that have reached unicorn status.
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25 corporations not named Google working on driverless cars

Google isn't the only one making moves in the autonomous vehicle arena. There are a host of auto makers, auto brands and tech companies also attacking the driverless car market. See the list of corporations working on driverless vehicles.
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Notable Deals From This Past Week

We tracked 513 financings and exits in the last week. Here are 10 notable deals. To see them all, login to CB Insights or create an account here.

1. Guahao Technology Co. joins the Unicorn Club, raises $394M
Guahao Technology Co. a Chinese developer of an app that connects patients and doctors, raised $394M at a $1.5B valuation from Goldman Sachs, Tencent, and others.
The company, which develops a robotic microsurgical system, has now raised $184.1M to date.
The funding will be used on international expansion as well as general customer growth. The company was last valued at $1B in December 2012.
OnShape claims to be the first cloud-based 3D design software. They previously raised $64M in total funding.
The company has now raised $109.3M in disclosed funding to date.
The round was led by NEA, but also included former baseball player Derek Jeter.
The clinical stage biotech company will use the money to reach key clinical milestones in the next 12 months.
Corvus is focused on developing first-class agents that target the immune system to treat cancer patients.
The Chinese on-demand fresh produce delivery company has now raised $110M in total funding. The company lasted raised $20M at a $200M valuation in March 2015.
The funding makes Jaunt 1 of the 3 most well-funded VC-backed AR/VR startups.


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