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Buzzfeed had a good post about using Twitter data to identify social startups that are failing or gaining traction. We built a way to find trending startups on Twitter to make this really easy. Here is Buzzfeed's analysis.

Nordstrom knows startups

The high-end retailer has a good track record when it comes to picking e-commerce partners. Get the presentation and recording of our e-commerce trends review from earlier today to learn about the latest & greatest in e-commerce.

Let's talk about death, baby
(read that headline like the Salt-N-Pepa song)

Erin Griffith of Fortune had an interesting article about VCs who are keeping a dying unicorns list. We've noticed the topic of startup death is one that some folks get very uncomfortable with. When we started offering our early-stage dying companies list, we got some feedback that it was 'not cool' to have a "negative" list like this.

The sentiment seems to be that that startups shouldn't have this type of scrutiny cuz I guess startups are hard enough. Yeah ok.

Some have suggested that being on the list might accelerate the demise of a company. If being on our list is the difference between a startup's life and death, there are larger problems.

Our experience aligns with what Erin pointed out in her article. In fact, we see many VCs, corp M&A teams, and increasingly HR groups already keeping these lists. When they find a company struggling, there is blood in the water.

This is the natural Darwinism of startups. Getting people working on the best opportunities (and hence companies) is a good thing.

The Periodic Table of Cybersecurity

The 119 startups, VCs, corporate investors, and acquirers you should know in cybersecurity. Our first-ever Periodic Table of Cybersecurity.


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Let's hug it out

Our brothers from another mother over at Thomson Reuters seem to be conducting a Net Promoter Score Survey for us based on this screenshot we received from a client. We are deeply touched by your interest in us.

Radpad, Zumper, and Cozy

Real estate tech clearly has startups with some of the coolest names. We highlight 13 real estate tech startups to watch.

Traditional media goes long on startups

We take a look at the bets that the New York Times, Bertelsmann, AOL, Newscorp, Disney, Time Warner and 7 other media companies are making within the emerging media landscape.

Clearly, traditional media is not sitting around waiting for this all to play out without them.

Love ya.


Which secondhand clothing startups will survive consolidation?

Vintage apparel marketplace thredUP raises $81M in funding led by Goldman Sachs Investment Partners. Check out the funding raised by 11 other vintage clothing startups.
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CB Insights Top Deal Searches

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How traditional media giants are betting on startup investments

Media's future is still up in the air, and big media players like Comcast and NewsCorp. are competing to make the right bets. AOL has made the most investments. See the most active media investors.
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The periodic table of cybersecurity

The 119 companies, VCs, corporate investors, and acquirers defining the cybersecurity industry. Check out the cybersecurity landscape.
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13 real estate tech startups to watch

Apartment rentals are a hot area for real estate tech startups including Zumper, which is backed by Andreessen Horowitz, New Enterprise Associates, and others. See the list of real estate startups to keep an eye on.
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A curated mix of articles on tech, media, what's next, and recent news.
Uber's biggest Chinese rival reportedly invested in Lyft. Didi Kuaidi participated alongside Tencent and Alibaba in Lyft's latest funding round.

The 30-year-old CEO conjuring drug companies from thin air. Vivek Ramaswamy hopes to spin out dozens of companies by rescuing the pharmaceutical industry's forgotten drugs.

Apple takes aim at wireless phone companies. The company's new financing offer for iPhones challenges ties phone companies have to customers.
The Wall Street Journal

Entrepreneurship: the Province of the Wealthy. Starting a business used to be a good way to secure a middle-class life. That may be less true now.
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