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And now onto Elon Musk, where the drama continues.

Musk says he's been in talks with the Saudi Public Investment Fund about taking Tesla private for almost two years, and after meeting with the fund on July 31, he had no question that the deal would close — which is why he tweeted “funding secured” a week later.

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Meet me in the (unicorn) club

This year has seen 53 unicorn births so far, bringing private companies valued at $1B+ to 260 in total. And we're tracking them all.

Learn more about this year's new unicorns and how the companies are distributed across 13 categories here

A status symbol for your status symbol

A while back, we talked about how chickens are a new Silicon Valley status symbol. Now there are chicken diapers.

A number of companies make them, and they can sell for as much as $38 each.

We now know the price of one chicken’s dignity.

What do you have to say about that?

The recently announced tariffs that the US is imposing on Mexico, the EU, and China are expected to affect companies across multiple industries, from food production to motor vehicles to construction and more.

Executives around the world are discussing what the trade war means for their companies. Check out what they're saying here.

 Get active

Thanks to the wellness movement, fitness is booming — and so is the demand for pre- and post-workout fuel.

That's where active nutrition comes in. These products are not only catering to athletes, but to average fitness enthusiasts as well.

From AI-powered water bottles to portable protein smoothies, we look at how new brands are transforming the active nutrition space.

Reason #27 why we are so f’d

People used to come to plastic surgeons wanting to be turned into celebrity lookalikes.

Now they want to look like the filtered version of themselves that they create on social media, per a recent Washington Post article.

It’s a phenomenon that’s being called “Snapchat dysmorphia” by cosmetic doctors. Neelam Vashi, an assistant professor of dermatology at the Boston University School of Medicine, says that it’s the result of people being able to easily edit away their blemishes on Snapchat and Instagram:

Hold the foam

Global coffee consumption is on the rise, just like funding to coffee startups. Investors have poured over $600M into these companies to date — that's more than 4x all funding to the space in 2017.

We dig into more coffee funding trends here.

Meet the team

Here at CBI, our Intelligence Unit develops industry-leading research on the hottest tech trends, from blockchain to AI to CRISPR, and more.

The team is also growing like crazy, and we're hiring for directors to help shape and build out vertical coverage.

Get to know a little bit about the IU leaders here, including how they help shape the future of CBI and what they love most about working here.

Meanwhile, in Midtown…

It’s 80+ degrees outside in NYC, but it’s never too hot to rock a fleece vest.

Midtownuniform is the second-best Instagram account after CB Insights.

 Here, have some more

Alphabet has invested $375M into health insurance startup Oscar Health, only a few months after two Alphabet subsidiaries participated in a $165M round to the company.

We previously dug into Oscar's strategy, numbers, partnerships, and future. Check it all out here.

 Calling all innovators...

On December 4-5 in NYC, CBI will host the TRANSFORM conference, where you’ll hear firsthand how the smartest executives tap external ecosystems and implement new growth ideas.

Are you a big company exec whose team has accomplished something extraordinary? TRANSFORM will include real-world case studies and could feature yours.

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The Industry Standard

CB Insights data is the most trusted by those in the industry and the media. A few recent hits.

Harvard Business Review. Kyle Young discusses strategies for testing ideas before launching a startup and refers to CB Insights research.

New York Times. Claire Ballentine (@cfb_18) writes about the effect Google and Facebook are having on ad tech firms and cites PwC and CB Insights’ MoneyTree Report.

Forbes. Brittain Ladd (@brittain_ladd) reports that SoftBank is in talks to invest up to $750M in Zume and cites CB Insights research.

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P.S. On August 16, we'll be discussing AI in healthcare. Care to join us? Register here.

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