Corps in the 5G race. Blockchain in everything. Who's laughing now?
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We Analyzed 8 Of The Fastest-Growing Personal Finance Apps Of All Time To Figure Out The Secrets To Their Success — Here’s What We Learned
Millennials will inherit the largest amount of personal wealth of any generation — and personal finance apps are emerging to seize on this opportunity. Here are the core strategies that these companies are using to build, convert, engage, and monetize their audience.

Infographic: Facebook’s Biggest Acquisitions
We visualize Facebook's top acquisitions, including its $22B purchase of messaging platform WhatsApp.

The Race For 5G: How 20 Corporations Are Building The Future Of Connectivity
Major telecom cos and smartphone manufacturers have started carving out their own place within the 5G gold rush.

Foot In Mouth: 55 Quotes From Big Corporate Execs Who Laughed Off Disruption When It Hit
With the iPhone as a glaring example, and stretching through Amazon and e-commerce and more recently blockchain and bitcoin, many innovations have initially been met with derision by big company CEOs. History often proved them wrong.

22 Lessons From Jeff Bezos’ Annual Letters To Shareholders
Each year, Jeff Bezos writes an open letter to Amazon's shareholders. Over the last two decades, these letters have become an unparalleled source of insight into how the world's richest man — and his company — think about customers, innovation, building products, and more.

Cannabis For … Everything? 23 Industries Seizing The $32B Market Opportunity
As legal cannabis goes mainstream, it's creeping into everything from CBD-oil infused beauty products, to houses made of hemp, to banking for marijuana retailers.

33 Industries Other Than Auto That Driverless Cars Could Turn Upside Down
Fast food, real estate, military operations, even home improvement — many large industries will have to shift their strategies in the wake of driverless cars.

 Chief Digital Officers Are Supposed To Spur Growth. Why Do Companies That Hire Them Tend To Underperform?
Companies hire CDOs to spur digital innovation and growth, but they often see lackluster returns.

Banking Is Only The Beginning: 50 Big Industries Blockchain Could Transform
Banking isn't the only industry that could be affected by blockchain tech. Law enforcement, ride hailing, and many other sectors could also have blockchain in their future.

 Gaming Ecosystem: 75+ Startups Building The Future Of Entertainment
These gaming startups are transforming how games are created, gaming data is collected, and content is shared.


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