Food & beverage trends. 3D printing cos. New fintech hubs.
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5G & The Future Of Connectivity: 20 Industries The Tech Could Transform
The next generation of wireless technology could affect a wide range of industries, from healthcare to financial services to retail.

26 Unicorn Companies That Exited In 2018
Meituan Dianping, Spotify, and GitHub are among several billion-dollar companies that either went public or were acquired in 2018.

How AI Will Go Out Of Control According To 52 Experts
'Summoning the demon.' 'The new tools of our oppression.' 'Children playing with a bomb.' These are just a few ways the world's top researchers and industry leaders have described the threat that artificial intelligence poses to mankind. Will AI enhance our lives or completely upend them?

Food And Beverage Trends In 2019
An analysis of emerging food and beverage trends using the CB Insights NExTT framework.

 Industrial 3D Printing: 40+ Startups Shaping The Future of Additive Manufacturing
Despite a slump in the broader 3D printing space, industrial 3D printing continues to grow, with startups focusing on everything from creating advanced composite materials to processing printed products.

Australia, South America, & Africa: The Rise Of The New Fintech Hubs
For the first time, fintech growth in South America, Australia, and Africa is outpacing growth in traditional hubs like the US, UK, and China.

 140+ Fintech Startups Going After Traditional Lenders

Alternative lending companies offer digital lending solutions, from point-of-sale financing to alternative credit scoring to payday loan solutions.

Women’s Health Funding Is On A Tear
Startups in the space could see near record levels of financing in Q1'19.

 How Pharma Giants Tipped Their Hands Ahead Of An Acquisition

We used CB Insights data to analyze pharmaceutical companies’ actions ahead of acquisitions.

$1B+ Market Map: The World’s 326 Unicorn Companies In One Infographic
Our market map highlights which markets boast the most private companies with billion-dollar valuations.

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