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For the life of me, I cannot figure out why watermelon-flavored Oreos didn't catch on. That isht sounds delicious.

Remember the Iridium satellite phone or Google Wave? Corporate innovation is hard. These all made the list of the 101 biggest product failures. The list includes 2 product fails by a current US presidential candidate.

Rx down

Interesting data courtesy of WaPo. In medical marijuana states, prescription doses for anxiety, nausea, and psychosis among others are down.

Gamers ftw

We look at e-sports funding trends since 2011. E-sports and game streaming startups have raised $714M across more than 100 deals. At the current run rate, funding to the space in 2016 year-to-date (7/18/16) is on pace to top 2015′s funding total.

Who's talking about digital health?

We gathered 15 perspectives on the digital health trend from a variety of investors and corporate leaders, ranging from large pharma executives to Silicon Valley-based VCs. 

This is such a bad idea to include

Interesting graph of intensity of lying by various politicians according to Politifact.


  1. Don't email me. This is not our data.
  2. If you want to argue about this with random folks on the internet, you can do that on Reddit.

Not Monopoly money

We dig into real estate tech funding trends in Q2'16. Real estate tech companies raised $1.37B across 44 deals in the second quarter of 2016.

College is so hard

Here's what college kids spend their time doing.

The Industry Standard

Barrons. Alexander Eule (@eulelogdigs into financial technology and cites data that is found in our Venture Pulse Report with KPMG.

Vator. Steven Loeb (@stegrelo) discusses Dollar Shave Club's acquisition by Unilever and references our research on e-commerce acquisitions.

The Tennessean. Lizzy Alfs (@lizzyalfs) talks about the Nashville food delivery scene and cites CB Insight data on funding to the space.

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P.S. We've got 1200+ registered for our digital health webinar. Do you have a computer or mobile phone? Do you care about your health? Then you should attend.

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  • Dive into startups looking to transform the future of healthcare during our Digital Health Webinar tomorrow, July 26.
  • Last week, Anand Sanwal presented at P&G's Signal Conference in Cincinnati. Check out his presentation on unbundling P&G here.
  • Our 103-page Q2 2016 Venture Pulse Report with KPMG was released last week. The report is available here.

E-sports startup investment is on pace for record funding high

Since the start of 2011, e-sports and game streaming startups have raised $714M across more than 100 deals. See the data.
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15 investors, corporate execs, and regulators sound off on digital health disruption

From the primacy of data to the role of millennials and mobile, 15 leaders in healthcare describe the massive opportunities and challenges in digital health. Check it out.
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Funding to real estate tech startups skyrockets in first half of 2016

Despite experiencing record funding levels, it is worth noting that Q2'16 real estate tech had the lowest deal count since Q4'14. See the data.
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The Blurb

A curated mix of articles on private companies, venture capital, emerging industries, and innovation.

One immigrant's path. An interview with Fei-Fei Li (@drfeifei), director of Stanford University's artificial intelligence lab, on her life experience and entering the world of AI.
CNN Money

Don't mistake a scaleup for a startup. David Glickman says they're completely different animals, and each requires different leadership, skills, and focus.


Building great products. Alex Le (@alexcharlie) and Kavin Stewart (@kavinstewart), co-VPs of product at Reddit, on the radical shift from product market fit to growth.
First Round Review

The startup ecosystem. Aniruddha Malpani (@malpani) on why startups run such a rocky, unpredictable course.
Inc 42

Cloud computing. Jim Kerstetter (@jimkerstetter) says cloud computing was derived from the Application Service Provider (A.S.P.) which was meant to connect people over the internet to software that is hosted in a giant data center.
New York Times

AI needs to mature. Abinash Tripathy (@abinashtripathy) says AI bots can act in conjunction with humans, but cannot replace them in the realm of customer service.

The 3-step method. Satya Nadella (@satyanadella), CEO of Microsoft, on how to run a great meeting successfully.
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