Opendoor teardown. Drugs on earnings calls. Ethereum 101.
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15 Trends Shaping Tech In 2018
Car ownership models are shifting. The race to become an AI powerhouse is under way. Fitness is going gym-less. And pets are becoming tech-enabled. We look at the trends poised to reshape industries in 2018.

How This Real Estate Tech Company Pioneered A New Home-Buying Model And Became A Unicorn in 3 Years
The online direct home sales startup Opendoor Labs, valued at $1B, is transforming how residential real estate is bought and sold.

Corporate Investment Drives A New Wave Of Industrial 3D Printing
GE is the dominant player, with 6 equity investments and 3 acquisitions in the space since 2013.

Timeline: The First Decade Of Alternative Lending
As alternative lending matures into what some in the industry are calling "alternative lending 2.0," we look at the sector's evolution since 2005. 

Here Are 35 Casualties Of The Retail Apocalypse And Why They Failed
Is there life after bankruptcy? A compilation of major retail bankruptcies from 2015 to today.

Which Pharma And Drug Distributors Are Talking Most About Opioids On Earnings Calls?
Some companies are positioning their products as opioid alternatives, others are fighting back against claims they have helped exacerbate the crisis.

What Is Ethereum?
We dive into one of the world's most popular cryptocurrencies, from a simple explanation of what Ethereum is to some of the currency's uses and drawbacks (and what it has to do with cats).

How Insurers And Startups Are Targeting The Growing Cyber Insurance Market
A look back at major happenings across the cyber insurance landscape in 2017 followed by a Q&A with Coalition CEO Joshua Motta.

Gradually Then Suddenly: CB Insights CEO Anand Sanwal On How Corporations Can Stay Ahead Of Insurgents
Corporations need to "see around corners" to succeed. But how?

With Didi Chuxing’s $4B Round, Uber Rivals Further Expand Their War Chests
Beijing-based Didi secures $4B from SoftBank and Mubadala to surpass Uber as the most well-funded VC-backed unicorn in the world.

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