Computing on the edge. Industries disrupted by blockchain. Facebook's new patent.

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“Follow your passion.”

From The Blurb this week, Scott Galloway breaks this down and suggests it might be a great sound bite, but not the best advice.

Living on the edge

Troves of data are being generated by IoT devices, connected cars, and other digital platforms — and there's only going to be more in the future. The cloud is no longer sufficient to instantly process and analyze it all.

That's where edge computing comes in.

Our new deep dive explains what edge computing is, the benefits associated with it, and how it could be applied to a wide range of industries. Check it out here.

Take your time

I’m always impressed by people at our events who can take a question and spit out a really cogent, crisp, and thoughtful answer.

But maybe those folks aren’t the norm?  

Derek Sivers has a great essay about being a slow thinker.

You can't escape the chain

Bitcoin helped prove how useful blockchain could be in finance, but the applications of the technology don't end there.

From critical infrastructure security to ride sharing to fishing, we take a look at 42 big industries that could be disrupted by blockchain.

In need of an R2-D2 coffee press

Hammacher Schlemmer sells weird gadgets and tchotchkes like wearable mosquito nets, flameless marshmallow roasters, etc.

It also has the longest-running catalog in US history, publishing for 137 years. It still sends out 50M copies every year.

How is it staying afloat in the age of Amazon? Chicago Magazine dives into the company’s history and talks with the director of the Hammacher Schlemmer Institute (where products are tested) to answer that.

Check it out in The Blurb.

In my bubble

Facebook is many people's main source of news. Its newest patent shows how it thinks about personalizing and curating the news feed based on interactions and behavioral data.

We take a closer look at how the system works here.

Grab a slice

SoftBank is reportedly considering a $750M investment into Zume Pizza, which is known for its robotic chefs and oven-equipped delivery trucks. But for SoftBank, this is about more than pizza.

We take a closer look at what the deal could mean for SoftBank and Zume here.

Smartest People in Fintech

At the Future of Fintech conference, we asked 10 senior leaders in fintech one question: “What technology or business model innovation will have the greatest impact on financial services in the next 3-5 years?”

Check out their answers below, and download the full Smart People in Fintech report here.

The Industry Standard

CB Insights data is the most trusted by those in the industry and the media. A few recent hits.

Fortune. Matt Harris takes a look at 6 key fintech sectors and cites CB Insights research.

Bloomberg. This article reports that Bytedance is seeking $3B in new funding and references CB Insights data.

Nikkei Asian Review. Nikkei profiles women to watch in Asian tech and refers to CB Insights research.

I love you.


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The Blurb

A curated mix of articles worth sharing.

Benchmarks and milestones. Scott Galloway (@profgalloway) gives his thoughts on Apple’s $1T market cap and the meaning of metrics in general.

Let it simmer. Derek Sivers (@sivers) makes the case for taking time to react.

Do your thing. In the time of Amazon, eccentric retailer Hammacher Schlemmer and its catalog are still alive.
Chicago Magazine

Shrinky dinks. The American stock market is half the size of its mid-1990s peak, and 25% smaller than it was in 1976.
New York Times

So hot. NASA’s Parker Solar Probe will travel to within 4M miles of the sun, closer than any other man-made artifact has gotten before.
The Verge

You want quinoa with that? Amazon is testing a new service that would let Prime members pick up their Whole Foods groceries in about 30 minutes without getting out of their car.
Fast Company
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