Fast food's transformation. That bike and scooter money. Pay by bot.

It's a hard knock life

Hi there,

Pop quiz: which market is larger?

Voice recognition or facial recognition?

Insect protein or plant protein?

We’ve gotten the question “how large is that market?” for as long as CB Insights has been around.

And now, we can answer that.

The CB Insights platform now has market sizing estimates for 12,050+ markets from 1,700+ analysts. We’ve got everything from the smart home to AR/VR headsets to cardiac medical devices to insect protein.

Here’s more on how we’re using the wisdom of a wise crowd to develop the first-ever Industry Analyst Consensus estimate for market sizings.

BTW, the answers to the above quiz are in the post as well.

Not your parents' fast food

Many of yesterday's casual dining brands are dying, but Americans are dining out more than ever before. Last year, the National Restaurant Association reported $799B in annual sales.

Fast food isn't going away — it's fundamentally changing. From Instagram-friendly menus to robot chefs to kombucha taprooms, we look at 11 concepts that are transforming dining.

Your swollen face

In part 1 of It’s a Hard Knock Life, it seems iPhone users with FaceID are not recognizable when they wake up all swollen and wrinkly and generally nasty.  

As reported in Slate, some folks are taking to Twitter to vent and demand justice.

Fifty nifty

We rounded up the most well-funded tech startups in each US state. The map includes 28 companies that have raised $100M or more in funding and 10 unicorns. Check them out here.

Band name generator

Besides market sizings being very valuable in figuring out where to focus your organization, the new industry analyst consensus market sizing capability on CB Insights also serves as a pretty solid band name generator.

Here are some of my favorites:

  • Artificial Saliva ($1.5B by 2025)
  • Bovine Psychiatric Medications ($250M in 2015)
  • Conveyor Belt Sushi ($5.55B in 2017)
  • First-Party Gift Cars ($100B in 2017)
  • Hard-Boiled Eggs ($83M in 2017)
  • Oxygen Scavengers ($2.67B by 2025)
  • Robotic Milking Parlors ($8B by 2023)

Scoot on

Funding to bike- and scooter-sharing startups has increased dramatically over the last two years. Year-to-date funding has already hit a record high, passing last year's peak of $2.8B.

We take a look at how mega-rounds to leaders in the space — like Ofo, Mobike, and Hellobike — are propelling the industry's growth.

Netflix and snooze

Part 2 of It’s a Hard Knock Life is about Netflix. And this poor chap who can’t seem to stay awake during shows, and then deal with this absolute injustice.

BTW, this is, of course, from Hacker News.

Yes, hello, this is Bot

Facebook's new patent application outlines a bot that would allow users to pay for products — like a latte from a nearby coffee shop, as shown below — through the Messenger app.

We dig into how the chat bot would work and what it might mean for Facebook's e-commerce strategy.

Podcast: binge on fintech in July

The CB Insights podcast is now on Spotify! July is fintech binge month with three new fintech-focused episodes each Friday.

This week’s binge is all about the regulators (and deregulators), with new episodes featuring Acting Director of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau Mick Mulvaney and Former FDIC Chair Sheila Bair.

Check it out on Spotify.

The classifieds

Some of our friends are hiring:

The Industry Standard

CB Insights data is the most trusted by those in the industry and the media. A few recent hits.

Wired. Tom Simonite (@tsimonite) writes about how startup Oasis Labs is using blockchain for user privacy and cites CB Insights research.

Nasdaq. This article discusses the death rate of companies raising through ICOs and refers to CB Insights research.

Blokt. Cindy Huynh writes about Google co-founder Sergey Brin’s interest in blockchain technology and cites CB Insights’ Blockchain Investment Trends Report.

I love you.


P.S. On Thursday, we'll be discussing fintech trends in Q2'18. Register here to join us.

The Blurb

A curated mix of articles worth sharing.

Heat wave > brain waves. New research suggests that heat can make your brain a little sluggish.

The straw of the future. Oregon-based EcoGlass Straws has seen a 30% jump in sales since last year as people try to ditch plastic straws.
Chicago Tribune

Are you listening? Walmart has patented audio surveillance tech to record customers and employees.
CBS News

Another man’s treasure. The 15-year Below the Surface project, which aims to tell Amsterdam’s history through trash excavated from the river Amstel, is wrapping up.
Fast Company

Just go. Tel Aviv-based computer vision startup Trigo Vision has emerged from stealth and is planning to offer shoppers a checkout-free experience similar to Amazon Go.

Your driver is here. Meet Ammal Farhat, Saudi Arabia’s first female driver for Careem, Uber’s rival in the Middle East.

Wall Street Journal
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