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Newborn Unicorns: Meet The New Class Of $1B+ US Startups
The first six months of 2017 saw the emergence of a dozen new VC-backed US unicorns, including rocket launch vehicles, health insurance companies, and at-home cycling services.

From Healthcare To Payments: Supposedly ‘Amazon-Proof’ Industries Are Turning Out To Be Vulnerable
Following the release of some questionable speculation about which industries could survive an Amazon takeover, we investigated a selection of recent analyst claims to spotlight the strategic moves some aren't seeing.

Walmart Patents Point To Opportunity In Drones, AR/VR, and Automation
We dug into Walmart's patents and found technology for automating the checkout process, guiding shoppers, and even flying drones throughout the store.

High Altitude: The Top 10 Largest Rounds To Drone Startups
Two Chinese companies topped the list of largest deals to drone startups, with startups in the US and Canada rounding out the top 10.

Piece By Piece: 14 Offsite Construction Companies Transforming The Building Industry
Modular construction and prefabrication are allowing construction companies to achieve efficiencies across the building value chain, integrate sustainable practices, and combat urban sprawl.

What College Students Taught Us About Predicting Future Tech Trends
Our summer interns from UPenn and Columbia used the CB Insights platform to analyze emerging trends in real estate tech, blockchain, AI, retail tech, healthcare, and drones.

While some startups are chasing an electrified, autonomous, and shared automotive future, others are working to improve contemporary service and retail processes.

Eaten Up: The Consolidation Of The Food Delivery Space In One Timeline
GrubHub's acquisition of Eat24 is another significant move in the further consolidation of the food delivery space.

India’s Three Largest Cities Take The Lion’s Share Of The Country’s Startup Deals
Bengaluru, Delhi, and Mumbai together claim three-fourths of India's startup deals.

Mental Health Startups See Boost With Rise Of Meditation And Wellness Trends
Deals to mental health-focused startups have been smaller but more frequent this year, with 19 VC-backed deals already taking place in 2017.

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