Are millennials ruining everything? WeWork's new numbers. Alternative lending cos.

Ducking autocorrect

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True crime

The media often portrays the millennial generation as lazy, narcissistic, smartphone addicts responsible for killing everything from department stores to American cheese.

But is it really that simple? We take a closer look at 12 industries experts say were brought down by millennials — and what's really going on.

Win some, lose some

Co-working giant WeWork said this week that its 2018 revenue increased to $1.8B, up from $886M in 2017. It also said that its net loss more than doubled to $1.9B.

We examine WeWork's strategy, investments, and expansion plans — and whether its value prop could be much more than a marketing ploy. Check out the teardown here.

Deal or no deal?

At the Milken Institute conference in Tokyo, Masayoshi Son, the founder of SoftBank, revealed that he almost purchased a 30% stake of Amazon in its early days.  

He offered $100M and Bezos insisted on $130M.

No deal.

But both Bezos and Son have done alright for themselves.

We’ve researched Amazon and SoftBank a lot.

Here is our Amazon research archive. Our most popular Amazon research is below for those who want to know where Bezos and crew are going:

And here is our SoftBank research archive. Our most popular SoftBank research is below.

 Can I borrow that?

Alternative lending has gone mainstream. Fintech startups issued 38% of all US personal loans in 2018, while banks provided 28% and 21% came from credit unions.

From point-of-sale to payday alternatives to lending-as-a-service, we mapped out 140+ fintech startups going after traditional lenders. Expert Intelligence clients can see them all here.

Sorry, Charlie

Consumption of canned tuna has dropped 42% over the last 30 years, and sales dropped 4% by volume between 2013 and 2018. Some are putting the blame on millennials' aversion to can openers and meal preparation.

But there's something fishy about that theory — sales of fresh and frozen tuna among millennial consumers are up. We examine what's really behind the decline of canned tuna and 11 other industries here.

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Fortune 50

The promise of marrying the smart home and insurance has largely remained unfulfilled. In May 2018, insurtech startup Hippo teamed up with Comcast to address this challenge and offer home insurance powered by smart devices.

At Future of Insurance (June 11, NYC), you will hear from Comcast executive director Dave Weschler and Hippo CEO Assaf Wand on the lessons learned from their partnership and next steps.

Get your tickets today, as prices for Future of Insurance will go up on April 1 by $500. Take advantage of our bundle package and save on attending both Future of Insurance and our annual Future of Fintech.

 Look at all my new stuff

Asset & investment management companies completed 335 acquisitions in 2018 — a record high for the industry.

We take a look at how the top 10 asset managers are using acquisitions to expand their client base, geographical exposure, and products. Expert Intelligence clients can read about it here.

The Industry Standard

CB Insights data is the most trusted by those in the industry and the media. A few recent hits.

CNBC. Kate Rooney (@kr00ney) writes about Apple’s new credit card and quotes CB Insights fintech analyst Max Abramsky (@maxabramsky22).

Bloomberg. This article discusses Tesla’s feud with Chinese billionaire He Xiaopeng and cites CB Insights valuation data.

Food & Drink Business. Kim Berry reports on Australia’s emerging alternative protein scene and refers to CB Insights research.

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