Corporates battling cancer. Cybersecurity companies using machine intelligence. AI investment trends.

Rich dads are the best

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A lot of you mentioned issues when printing our 7,000 word Google Strategy teardown.

So we created this great PDF of the teardown for you

Do they use bitcoin? Barter? Gold?

Really, how do millennials pay for stuff?

I'm so confused.

This is one of several interesting data points in a deck put together by Sarah Tavel of Greylock Partners (see The Blurb for a link to report).

And the hits don't stop

I'm excited to announce that Megan Quinn (@msquinn), a general partner at Spark Capital, will be joining us at The Innovation Summit.

Megan was previously at Kleiner Perkins, Square, and Google, and we'll be talking about the interfaces of the future (chatbots, voice), trends in consumer tech, and the prognosis for AI/autonomous vehicle companies that don't retain a direct relationship with the customer.

Join us to hear Megan and for what is generally shaping up to be an amazing event full of big ideas and the brightest minds.

Note: If you've already purchased your ticket, please book your room at the Bacara Resort ASAP as the room block is currently 92% full.

Corporates in cancer

We identified and analyzed the investment/acquisition trends of the top corporate investors in the cancer therapeutics space, which have invested in 3 or more unique companies since 2012. Our list includes Celgene, Novartis, Johnson & Johnson, AbbVie, and more.

We'll also be looking at cancer therapy startups in our upcoming briefing. Scroll down for details.


Awwww...a kissing bug

Nope. That dude will kill you.

Here are the animals that kill the most humans. 

See our other popular posts about animals killing animals and animals killing humans.

When 2 become 1

Cybersecurity companies are increasingly looking to artificial intelligence tech to improve defense systems and create the next generation of cyber protection. We identified 13 companies to watch at the intersection of AI and security.


It's always good to have a rich dad

But in some countries, it's even better. 

This graph from the Economic Policy Institute shows how closely a son’s wealth matches his father’s and offers a view into economic mobility. 

(Note: if you believe the Economic Policy Institute is some propaganda group and their data is not to be believed, please send me better data or don't email me at all. 99.9999% of our subscribers are normal but we've got a vocal .0001% who think everything is a conspiracy. I love you all the same but I just don't want the emails.)

Brain boost

We look at investment to private companies in the artificial intelligence space since 2012. Q3’16 saw 146 deals across 21 countries. The deals tally made it the second most active quarter for investments after Q1’16.


The Industry Standard

CB Insights data is the most trusted by those in the industry and the media. A few recent hits.

Business Insider. Biz Carson (@bizcarson) dives into Wish's new round of funding and refers to CB Insights Enhanced Valuation data.

New York Times. Katie Benner (@ktbenner) writes about David Chang's food delivery service Ando and cites CB Insights data on funding to food delivery startups.

Skift. Dan Peltier (@djpeltier) says that although Skyscanner leads Europe's record year for VC funding in travel, the market may be cooling down for 2017, and references CB Insights funding data.

Reuters. Axel Bugge on the Lisbon startup scene with a reference to CB Insights data on online luxury clothing retailer Farfetch.

Have a great rest of the week. 

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P.S. Join us on November 9th for a deep dive into startups attacking cancer. Sign up here.

P.P.S. The CEO final 4 contests are all very close. Gates v Musk and Jobs v Bezos. Who are you taking? 

Geographic Spotlight

Silicon Valley doesn't have a monopoly on innovation. Here's a look at startups, emerging industries, and deals elsewhere in the US and the world.

Arlington, Virginia is home to GridPoint, a data-driven energy management company, and ThreatConnect, a cybersecurity company. Other companies within the Virginia county include Distil Networks, a cybersecurity company; Brazen Technologies, an online jobs portal; and OPOWER, a SaaS-based energy efficiency and customer engagement platform acquired by Oracle earlier this year. There were over 10 deals to VC-backed companies in Arlington in 2016 year-to-date. Here are 5 of the largest deals.
  • Higher Logic, a cloud-based community platform, raised a $55M equity round.
  • Distil Networks raised a $21M Series C.
  • Endgame, a cybersecurity company, raised a second $9.8M tranche of a Series C.
  • GBS Holdings, a health services organization, raised a $9.55M Series A.
  • LiveSafe, a platform that enables two-way interaction between individuals and security teams, raised a $5.25M Series B.

Big tech and pharma bet on cancer therapy startups: Celgene, Novartis, Pfizer, and Google’s investments

Celgene has backed more than 15 companies since 2012. Google Ventures joined the list of top investors this year. Read about it.
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Cybersecurity’s next step: artificial intelligence is helping predict, prevent, and defeat attacks

We identified 13 companies working at the growing intersection of AI and cybersecurity. Check them out.
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AI deals and dollars have already reached record annual highs

Khosla Ventures is the most active VC investor in artificial intelligence startups and has backed more than 15 companies since 2012. See the data.
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The Blurb

A curated mix of articles on private companies, venture capital, emerging industries, and innovation.

There is no "technology industry." Anil Dash (@anildash) says it is no longer possible to classify companies with all different types of products and services simply as "tech."
Anil Dash

What I have learned. In this interview, Julie Supan (@julessupan) digs into who the "high-expectation customers" are and how to find them.
First Round Review

Saving people money. Sarah Tavel (@sarahtavel) dives into why she thinks millennials have a burning need for new financial products and why the time is ripe for a new generation of startups.
Greylock Partners

Blessing or curse? José de la Rubia (@niceventure) on what the arrival of machine intelligence might yield.
LinkedIn Pulse

Salesforce M&A. Alex Clayton (@afc) of Spark Capital looks at Salesforce M&A activity since 2006.

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