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He was the most mentioned character during the Game of Thrones season premiere.


Top of the class

We rounded up the most active investors in ed tech into one infographic and ranked them by their investments into unique ed tech companies. Despite the slack in startup activity early in 2016, many VCs and CVCs have substantial ed tech portfolios.


It's the final countdown

So which VC would you want in your Series A? 

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Don't look down

We look at trends in new VC-backed unicorn creation against downround activity among VC-backed startups from Q1'15 to Q1'16. In Q4'15, VC-backed downrounds and down exits experienced a five-quarter high at 16.

American savings

According to this Gallup poll, Americans prefer to save vs spending.

It's hard to reconcile this savings preference with data like this, below. Perhaps we're aspirational savers but in reality, we're just awesome spenders?

Take a walk on the boardwalk

We analyze real estate investment activity of 13 of the most active corporations, corporate venture arms, and venture capital firms, including Zillow, 500 Startups, and SV Angel.

Buzzfeed's multi-headed distribution monster

Buzzfeed aggressively distributes its content via over 30+ channels with a significant focus on video. Here are the channels they distribute content through.

Buzzfeed is rumored to have missed revenue targets recently but based on its private company valuation, it remains one of the most highly valued private media companies.

Industry standard

CB Insights is the authority on emerging tech, venture capital, and startups. Here are some of the latest media articles featuring CB Insights data.

WirtschaftsWoche. The leading German business magazine (@wiwo) created a huge infographic using CB Insights data on Microsoft’s increasing corporate venture investments.

Wharton. Big banks are spending big bucks to keep up with the changing world of finance. Knowledge @ Wharton (@whartonknows) cites CB Insights data in this exploration of what this means for startups.

Reuters. Mia Shanley (@miashanley) and Eric Auchard (@auchard) refer to CB Insights and KPMG’s Venture Pulse report in their update on the declining valuation of a European unicorn.   

New York Business Journal. Amid the global decline in VC funding, as reported by CB Insights, Anthony Noto (@nyc_vc_noto) finds the “silver lining” in corporate venture.

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The most active VCs in ed tech and their investments in one infographic

We ranked the top VC and CVC investors in ed tech and visualized their portfolio companies. Top investors include NewSchools Venture Fund, 500 Startups, and Learn Capital. See the infographic.
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Downrounds now more common than unicorn births

Downround activity has shot up in recent quarters, eclipsing the new unicorn count in the last two quarters. See the data.
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Real estate tech bets: where are the most active corporates and VCs investing

Among top real estate tech investors, Zillow has been the most active acquirer, having snapped up 11 companies since 2011. Read about it.
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The Blurb

A curated mix of articles on private companies, venture capital, emerging industries, and innovation.

Leading a global life. Ben Casnocha (@bencasnocha) shares his experiences with traveling and how each journey has helped him think of entrepreneurship in a more global sense.
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Startup ideas. First Round takes a look at Nat Turner (@natsturner) of Flatiron Health and the methods he uses when it comes to discovering the next big startup idea.
First Round Review

Happiness. Joe Pinsker (@jpinsk) references research that says being better educated, richer, or more accomplished does not do much to predict whether someone will be happy.
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Raising startup capital in biotech. From knowing your investor audience to maintaining realistic valuation expectations, Bruce Booth (@lifescivc) provides guidelines on how to increase your odds of successful fundraising in the biotech space.
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Fundraising is for CEOs. Manu Kumar (@manukumar) says if the CEO is not the primary person pitching the company, then that's a bad signal.
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Bots & WeChat of the West. From lightweight interactions to saved payment information, Sapan Bhuta (@sapanbhuta) discusses what makes WeChat successful. 
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