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Hi there,

If you've ever had to build a market map, read this section (else go to next section).

We're thinking of building a market map maker as our clients have asked how they can can do stuff like the below on their own.

So for those who've ever had to build a market map, what is the most painful part of the process? (click on your choice below to vote) 

 Finding logos

 Identifying relevant companies

 Classifying companies into categories

 Resizing logos / making maps look good

 Other (please reply with details)

Zen tech 

From online therapy platforms to meditation apps, mental health startups have been attracting an increasing amount of VC attention. In 2017, despite a projected dip in funding, deals are on track to break records.


Instagram for B2B?

We've been messing around with Instagram as a branding/customer acquisition channel for CB Insights and have a very modest following so far.

Apparently, others also like bad pie charts and crazy pictures from patents :)

Follow us on Instagram here.

Who does B2B Instagram really well?  

We've heard Hubspot, Mailchimp, and General Electric as examples, but anyone else who does B2B Instagram really well?

Big deals

Last quarter saw the birth of 5 new fintech unicorn startups valued at $1B+. As $50M+ financing rounds on are the rise, VC-backed fintechs are on track to set new financing records in 2017. 

The future of payments?

No idea what is going on here, but I'm definitely scared.

Brick and mortar

Funding to startups focused on retail tech could hit a new high this year, on the back of large deals to companies like retail robot navigation system Brain Corp and machine vision startup Trax

Baby, take a ride in my coupe, you make me wanna shoop

Check out the 7%'ers.

Tastes like chicken 

VC firms and global food leaders alike have begun pouring money into new protein sources over the last several years, as startups use new ingredients to design high-protein, animal-free foods and drinks. 

The Industry Standard

CB Insights data is the most trusted by those in the industry and the media. A few recent hits.

Bloomberg. Giles Turner (@turnergs) looks at investments by SoftBank's Vision fund and cites CB Insights valuation data. 

South China Morning Post. Meng Jing (@Meng Jing 8) and Amanda Lee (@Lee_AHY) speculate about China's Silicon Valley equivalent and cite CB Insights data on Chinese unicorns. 

Insurance Journal. Oliver Suess (@OliverSuess) writes about reinsurance companies' fintech bets with a reference to CB Insights insurer investment data. 

Happy Monday.

I love you.


P.S. On August 22nd, we're digging into emerging startup hubs across the globe, from South America to Southeast Asia and beyond. Join us for the briefing on the next startup hotspots

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Mental health startups see boost with rise of meditation and wellness trends

Deals to mental health-focused startups have been smaller but more frequent this year, with 19 VC-backed deals already taking place in 2017. Check it out.
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Big deals: VC-backed fintechs see spike in $50M+ financings

With 5 new unicorn births in Q2'17, deals and dollars to fintech startups are on pace to set records in 2017. See the data
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Driven by AI, funding to in-store tech startups spikes

At the current investment rate, startups providing tech to optimize brick-and-mortar retail could raise over $1B in 2017. Check it out.
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Feeding the future: game-changing startups launch alternative proteins

Startups like Impossible Foods, Ripple, and Memphis Meats are engineering new protein sources that take the animal out of the supply chain. Check it out
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The Blurb

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Wedding bells. She's 98. He's 94. Vincent M. Mallozzi on the senior couple that met at the gym and tied the knot earlier this month.
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VR timeline. From the Victorian-era stereoscope to today's Oculus Rift, here's an overview of the history of virtual reality. 

Shhhhhhhh. Meg Miller (@Megilllah) on how ASMR, the subculture around "sounds that feel good," is going from niche YouTube channels to mainstream art and ads. 
FastCo Design

$#!*% A new report reveals that the use of four-letter-words on television has increased dramatically over recent years. 
SAGE Journals

Nuked market. Mike Bird (@Birdyword) and Riva Gold (@GoldRiva) examine how analysts are approaching the question of how nuclear war could affect financial markets. 
Wall Street Journal

To the chopper. Raymond Schillinger (@rayschillinger) looks at the history of helicopter commuting — a practice that, a few years after a dramatic decline, may be making a comeback. 

AI in focus. Khari Johnson (@kharijohnson) reports on how AI is tackling huge issues, including homelessness, terrorism, and extinction. 

#thanksgetty Madison Malone Kircher (@4evrmalone) looks at the experimental Instagram account that was offered influencer money even though it only posted free stock photos. 
NY Mag
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