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Food focus

While top-tier VCs have traditionally focused on tech startups, rather than consumer goods, these “smart money” firms are beginning to steer funding directly toward food & beverage startups. According to our analysis, Khosla Ventures was most active smart money VC, funding eight food and beverage companies since 2013.

NFL vs Silicon Valley

Better to be a Google engineer or in the NFL?

Just do it

We dug into some of Nike’s recently granted patents, which may indicate future strategic moves by the company. The patents run the gamut from customizable shoes to AR-based exercise enhancements.

Turkey down

Tourism growth by country. Iceland is crushing it.

All the way up

We examined trends in global funding and exit activity to cybersecurity companies since 2012. Last year saw over 400 deals to cybersecurity companies, up from 378 in 2015 — a 5-year high.

The Industry Standard

CB Insights data is the most trusted by those in the industry and the media. A few recent hits.

Forbes. Or Shani writes about the five trends business-oriented AI will inspire and cites CB Insights acquisition data.

Entrepreneur. Terry Strickland reports on the edible insect movement and quotes CB Insights tech analyst Zoe Leavitt (@zoe_leavitt) on the subject.

Zee Business. A look at funding to bitcoin and blockchain startups with a reference to CB Insights investment data.

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P.S. In Q4'16, unicorn births > unicorn exits. Read about it in our Global Tech Exits Report.

Seed/Angel Watch
Here's a look at select early-stage deals from the past week.

1. Falkonry raises a $5.32M seed VC round
Falkonry provides a pattern recognition AI service. The company raised from Zetta Venture Partners.

2. Marketing Evolution raises $4M seed VC round
Marketing Evolution provides marketing measurement and optimization solutions. The company raised from Zetta Venture Partners.

3. Azur Drones raises a second $2.14M tranche of a seed round
Azur Drones is a civilian drone maker specializing in data capture and processing.

4. Tenka Labs raises $2.1M seed round
Tenka Labs is developing a line of electronic building blocks called Circuit Cubes that allows kids to create projects as they become more tech-literate with a basic understanding of circuitry.

5. CodeMonkey Studios raises $1.5M seed VC round
CodeMonkey Studios is a game-based learning platform that enables students eight years and older to learn the fundamental principles of computer programming. The company raised from China-Israel Education VC Fund, EduLab, Invictus Capital Partners, and J21 Corporation.

Smart money VCs back food startups in biotech research, animal-free meat & dairy, and more

Smart money VCs focus their food & beverage investments on tech innovations, backing plant-based meat products, food R&D startups, and more. Check it out.
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Nike scores with record high in patent grants in 2016

Last year saw Nike earn patent approval on over 690 filings, including fitness tracking sensors, fitness analytics platforms, and more. Read about it.
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The cybersecurity recap: Deals hit a record high but exit activity slows

2016 saw a record of over 400 deals to cybersecurity companies around the world, but in Q4 deals dipped significantly. See the data.
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The Blurb

A curated mix of articles on private companies, venture capital, emerging industries, and innovation.

It's not all about the concept. A profile on Joanne Wilson (@thegothamgal), an angel investor who primarily invests in consumer-based products.

The rise of the data engineer. Maxime Beauchemin (@mistercrunch) writes about data engineering and the evolution within the space.

Thinking beyond VC funding. Prajakt Raut (@prajaktraut) on the importance of understanding the business model for angel investors and VCs.
Inc 42

Tapping into Silicon Valley. Andrew Gazdecki (@agazdecki) on how other cities can benefit from Silicon Valley.

Coding. Clive Thompson (@pomeranian99) discusses programming and how it could be the next big blue-collar job category.


Cars and cities. A podcast on the future of car culture, infrastructure, and more.

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