New Coinbase offerings. Expensive startup failures. Meat companies try bugs.

Dude has your back. No matter what.

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We've got a quiz below, but first, Theranos.

For those of you who are long-time subscribers, you know that we hold Elizabeth Holmes in high regard. In fact, we find her quotes on business invaluable.  

Like this one.

And so it was good to see that others who are presumably much smarter than us also hold her in high regard. More on that below, but first...

The crypto is in custody

Coinbase is reportedly planning to launch several new services directed at institutional investors. These include secure crypto storage solution Coinbase Custody (first announced last year), and Prime, a new platform dedicated to institutional customers. 

Our Coinbase Strategy Teardown digs into the company's product offerings, financing history, and more. Check it out.

Can we blame this on GDPR?

So the footer on this website I visited this AM just gets progressively more intense.

Is this normal?

R&D purgatory

Carbon nanomaterials could replace silicon in computer chips, opening up new possibilities from nano-computing to smart medical implants — but bringing new materials to market can be time-consuming and costly. 

We look into bottlenecks in production and development to see why VC investments in carbon nanomaterials have slowed. Take a look.  

We have a winner

Listen up, VCs.

The competition is over.

The most founder-friendly VC is Tim Draper.

From a CNBC interview, here are a few choice comments by Draper about Elizabeth Holmes, the founder of Theranos, as reported by Ars Technica.

She lost $700M of investor money.

Heck yeah — I'd be thrilled with that isht, too.

Agreed. John Carreyrou is a total hyena bully. Totally.

No doubt. Anyone who can get charged for fraud by the SEC (btw, the penalty was way too light for this crime) is definitely going to change healthcare as we know it.

Congrats to Tim.

Expensive mistakes

Not all startups can be success stories. Some go under because they can't generate sustainable revenue or keep up with their competitors. Others succumb to fraud, lawsuits, or founders in legal trouble.

We combed through our database to find 133 of the biggest, most expensive startup failures of all time. See them all here.

The quiz

Q: If a pie chart represents 100%, how much would 1/2 a pie chart represent?


Did you think 50%?


The answer is 216.6%.

Thanks to subscriber Brian Nolan for passing this beauty on.

Crickets — they're what's for dinner

Global meat giants like Tyson and Cargill are embracing the alternative protein trend, investing in meat substitutes including insects, plants, and lab-grown meat.

We take a look at leading meat producers’ meatless investments and what could be next for the industry. Check it out here.

Rock solid

Excited to announce our welcome reception location for Future of Fintech (June 19 - 21) is NYC’s iconic Rockefeller Center. 

Use code Rockefeller to save $500 off your ticket, or take advantage of our heavily discounted pair and group tickets. We’re almost a month out and prices go up tomorrow, May 16.

The Industry Standard

CB Insights data is the most trusted by those in the industry and the media. A few recent hits.

Bloomberg. Julie Verhage (@julieverhage) reports on the recent surge in Allianz Life’s new investment in life insurance startup Ladder and uses CB Insights’ report on Insurance Tech Q4’17.

Entrepreneur. John Hanafin (@john_hanafin) discusses the traits of a successful entrepreneur and cites CB Insights’ research on the Top 20 Reasons Startups Fail

Forbes. Angel Au-Yeung (@AngelAuYeung) writes about e-commerce platform Shopify announcing its foray into brick-and-mortar and quotes CB Insights’ CPG analyst Zoe Leavitt on the retail apocalypse.

I love you.


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The Blurb

A curated mix of articles worth sharing.

Vision quest. Some are questioning SoftBank Vision Fund founder Masayoshi Son's unconventional methods.
The Economist

What a hoot. As Sweden goes cashless and banks hold fewer (or no) physical bills, robbers are turning to heists of high-value items like Apple products, luxury handbags, and endangered owls.
The Atlantic

Wanna bet? The Supreme Court ruled against a federal law prohibiting formal sports betting in the US, clearing the way for legalized gambling.
Wall Street Journal

Banned. Facebook has suspended about 200 unnamed third-party apps for potential misuse of user data, after reviewing thousands of applications for violations.

Taking a break. Two more senior executives are leaving Tesla, prompting some investors to bet against the company.

Creatures of habit. A new opt-in feature on Tinder is said to continuously track users’ locations and reveal frequented locales to potential matches, raising concerns about in-person harassment or stalking.

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