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San Francisco — where the future happens

E-bikes and scooters, you had a good run. A Swedish startup is bringing pogo sticks to San Francisco. So now, in addition to dodging poop (human) on the streets of SF, you’ll also have to look out for pogo sticks.


The category is: sustainable chic

Fashion is one of the world's most wasteful industries, and a huge contributor to pollution.

The textiles industry alone uses nearly 98M tons of oil each year. And after use, 73% of clothes end up in landfills or are incinerated.

But with changing consumer demands and new innovations in technology, the fashion world is starting to change. From alternative fabrics to regenerative farming, we examine how it's happening here.

Ananas Anam

Will Idris Elba also DJ at FoF? Maybe. Maybe not.

The Future of Fintech is the Coachella of Finance.

You heard it here first.

Use the code finchella here for $500 off today.

Unicorn hunting

Over 2,000 disclosed investors have backed 344+ unicorn companies around the world.

We take a look at the top unicorn hunters and analyze which ones could see big returns if their billion-dollar portfolio companies exit at their private market valuations. Check it out here.

Do it for the children

Great growth hack.

 Let's get together, yeah yeah yeah

Banks with less than $10B of assets under management are losing the battle for consumer deposits.

We take a look at which small banks are teaming up with fintech companies to stay relevant by launching new banking products and accruing deposits.

Expert Intelligence clients can read about them here.

What about trust?

US lawmakers are launching an antitrust investigation into the country's biggest tech companies. This could ultimately lead to the first overhaul of antitrust rules in decades.

The outcome of the investigation is still TBD, but big tech's effects on major industries are undeniable. We've looked at how Facebook, Amazon, Microsoft, Google, and Apple are:

We've also analyzed how Google, Amazon, and Apple are each making moves in the healthcare industry.

Startups galore

There are 261 startups attending or speaking at this year’s Future of Fintech.

And a big contingent are global. Here’s a small selection of the global startups that will be in attendance.

A total of 52 countries are represented in this year’s attendees, making this our most global Future of Fintech ever. We also have simultaneous translation into Japanese, Chinese, and Spanish.

Save $500 with code globalfintech.

Juul > bitcoin

FYI, we’re done talking about bitcoin. It’s all about Juul now on earnings calls, according to our earnings transcript search engine.

 Anyway, life is fleeting

Corporate accelerators have had a resurgence following the success of Techstars and Y Combinator — but 60% fail after only 2 years.

We take a look at what's behind the corporate accelerator mortality rate. Clients can read about it here.

And now, a word from our sponsor

The rapidly changing fintech space provides lots of opportunities for disruption. Marketing orgs within fintech companies can capitalize on these opportunities by using AI, machine learning, and natural language processing to distill value from their first-party data.  

Leading fintech marketers can rise above the rest by harnessing consumer signals from first-party and third-party data clouds to deliver valuable, personalized experiences at scale.

Schedule a time to meet with Zeta at Future of Fintech to learn more about these leading marketers.

The Industry Standard

CB Insights data is the most trusted by those in the industry and the media. A few recent hits.

Forbes. Greg Petro discusses the need for retailers to adopt more sustainable practices and references CB Insight’s Luxury Trends Report.

Nikkei Asian Review. Kentaro Iwamoto (@kentaro_iwamoto) writes about Indonesian e-commerce unicorn Bukalapak and cites CB Insights data.

VentureBeat. Chris O’Brien (@obrien) reports on the state of the French tech ecosystem and refers to La French Tech and CB Insights’ latest French Tech Report.

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The Blurb

A curated mix of articles worth sharing.

Jump around. Are pogo sticks the next big thing in micromobility? This Swedish startup thinks so.

A series of unfortunate events. Test pilots, engineers, and regulators were in the dark about a late design change with Boeing’s 737 Max, which ultimately led to two fatal plane crashes.
New York Times

Call it off. Cellphones might have helped de-escalate gang turf wars in the 1980s and 1990s.
The Atlantic

Found it. A young French wealth detective finds hidden bank accounts not with powerful computers or algorithms, but with spreadsheets.

I’m watching you. A new agreement between US regulators puts Amazon under closer watch by the Federal Trade Commission.
Washington Post
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