Beauty ingredient trends. Corporate cancer deals. Hardware failures.

Left my wallet in el segundo

Hi there,

Interesting experiment by Reader's Digest, which lost 12 wallets in various cities to see how many would be returned. Helsinki and Mumbai did well. Lisbon and Madrid — not so much.

Powdering your nose

We analyzed beauty tech startups to highlight what natural ingredients are trending in the beauty world, from familiar components (like green tea and caffeine) to more unusual ingredients (jojoba, anyone?).

Look ma, I did it

Great oldie but goodie in The Blurb today by Jason Hirschorn on what he bought first when he sold his company. The 2nd thing he bought was this: 

Corporates focus on cancer

On Monday, American biotech and pharmaceutical company Celgene acquired San Diego-based complex cancer therapeutics startup Impact Biomedicines, to the tune of $7B. 


Prior to the deal, Impact Biomedicines had raised only $22.5M in total disclosed funding, from Oberland Capital, Medicixi Ventures, and Sanofi. 

And Celgene isn't the only corporate investor paying attention to the cancer drug space. We visualized where big pharma giants and their venture arms are making bets in cancer therapeutics

Hard failures 

As the recent power outage at CES goes to show — hardware is hard. But why exactly do so many hardware startups fail? We dug into the data behind some major hardware failures, including Jawbone, Juicero, and more. Check out the full report here.

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A-ha! moments: AI that writes better than you

A bunch of you asked about the A-ha! Demo Day winners.

In the AI category, Phrasee vanquished the competition.

Phrasee applies AI to create email subject lines. For marketers, it’s a brilliant idea: an algorithm that studies response rates, analyzes sentiment, and learns what words work to spit out. And Phrasee claims it gets better results than a human. (Check out the slide founder Perry Malm shows during his pitch, challenging you to identify the human-created line in a list).

See Phrasee’s winning pitch here, as well as a playlist of our other AI presenters at Demo Day.

Apples to apples

A new Walmart patent highlights a system that would leverage 3D scanning to allow online shoppers to see the exact piece of produce they ordered before hitting "buy."

The Industry Standard

CB Insights data is the most trusted by those in the industry and the media. A few recent hits.

Globe Newswire. A profile of AI-based home protection company Deep Sentinel, highlighting CB Insights’ AI 100 2018 list.
Pensions & Investments. Meaghan Kilroy (@kilroy_pi) reports that venture capital firms invested $71.9B in US companies in 2017, citing PwC and CB Insights’ MoneyTree Report.
Nikkei Asian Review. Gen Isayama (@gisayama) says it’s time for Japan to nurture its own unicorn startups and references CB Insights unicorn research.
San Antonio Business Journal. Kristen Mosbrucker (@sabjtech) writes about the three startup fundraising rounds that closed during Q4’17 in San Antonio using information from PwC and CB Insights' MoneyTree Report.

I love you.


P.S. On Jan 18th, we're giving you a data-driven look into the cybersecurity trends and startups to watch in 2018. Be there

The Blurb

A curated mix of articles worth sharing.

Maybe not. Long Blockchain (formerly Long Island Iced Tea) is walking back its announcement that it would issue new stock in order to buy 1,000 bitcoin mining rigs. 
Markets Insider

The next Bechdel. A visualization of how 50 top films stacked up in terms of gender balance. 

First things first. Jason Hirschhorn (@JasonHirschhorn) on the first thing he bought after selling his company to MTV. 
Jason Hirschhorn blog

Doppelgangers. Google's Arts & Culture app's latest feature is the ability to use a selfie to search for museum portraits that look like you. 

Roadtrip playlist. The Imaginary Soundscape project features an AI-enabled system that's setting a playlist to Google Street View. 
FastCo Design

Terminator cows. Andrew Rosenblum (@rosenblumandrew) on how and why CRISPR gene editing technology is being used on farm animals. 
Technology Review
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