Fintech trends 2018. US startups map. Coinbase strategy teardown.
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Fintech Trends to Watch in 2018
A look back at fintech trends in 2017 and exploring what's ahead in 2018.

The United States Of Startups: The Most Well-Funded Tech Startup In Every US State
Our map infographic shows the top tech startups in every US state, as determined by funding totals. Companies include Magic Leap, DraftKings, and Vox.

Coinbase Strategy Teardown: How Coinbase Grew Into The King Midas Of Crypto Doing $1B In Revenue
To sustain the cryptocraze, Coinbase will need to foster real applications of cryptoassets — and not just speculation.

From Energy To Transport To Healthcare, Here Are 8 Industries Being Disrupted By Elon Musk And His Companies
Elon Musk is CEO of Tesla and SpaceX, has plans to colonize Mars, and thinks AI may turn humans into its pets. But beyond the hype and his enormous net worth and Twitter presence, here's how Musk's companies are actually taking on ... virtually every industry.

Blockchain Startups Absorbed 5X More Capital Via ICOs Than Equity Financings In 2017
Equity deals and dollars to blockchain technology companies had a record year in 2017, but pale in comparison to the booming ICO market.

Tech Funding Trends In France 2017
A comprehensive, data-driven look at emerging trends, investments, and active investors in France.

Uber Strategy Teardown: The Giant Looks To An Autonomous Future, Food Delivery, And Tighter Financial Discipline
The $68B gorilla continues to expand globally in places like India and Brazil and is still chasing autonomous driving. However, it will have to stem its losses ahead of an eventual IPO, which may lead to rollbacks in contested regions like Southeast Asia.

The World’s Largest Brewer Is Expanding Beyond Beer
As it accelerates its activity in non-beer categories, Belgium-based AB InBev is broadening its focus and increasing its global presence in the beverage space.

242 Startup Failure Post-Mortems
It's hard to say goodbye. A compilation of startup failure post-mortems by founders and investors.

Here Are 36 Casualties Of The Retail Apocalypse And Why They Failed
Is there life after bankruptcy? A compilation of major retail bankruptcies from 2015 to today.

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