The future of entertainment. Saudi Arabian investors. Funding to sales tech.

Can't stop watching Harvard football

Hi there,

So looks like Harvard's endowment should follow what Yale is doing given the returns they've generated vs those of Harvard's.

My favorite part of the article was the below that talked of Harvard's dominance in football.

The kingdom of tech

We mapped out a network of 25 Saudi Arabian investors as well as their private market investments between 2012 and 2016. Saudi Aramco Energy Ventures (SAEV), the venture arm of Saudi Aramco, is the most active Saudi investor.

Asking for a friend

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Today's lesson in...

...when not to use a bar chart.

Lesson: Never use a bar chart when plotting a single value.

Lesson over.

The future of entertainment

We looked at equity deals to AR/VR startups by media companies since 2014. In 2016, investment ballooned 137% to reach 38 equity deals.

Nuclear option, eh?

Yup, you heard right.

Leading tech companies are planning to draft a letter to President Trump in response to the immigration changes.

Yup. This isn't an actual letter but a really good plan to draft one.

Isht just got very real.

Follow the sales

We analyzed funding trends from 2012 through 2016 in the sales tech space. Last year, the category attracted a total of just over $5B in investment across 425 deals, compared to $1.6B across 400 deals in 2015.

The Industry Standard

CB Insights data is the most trusted by those in the industry and the media. A few recent hits.

Bloomberg. Dana Hull (@danahull) on VC interest in the auto tech space with a reference to CB Insights investment data. 

VentureBeat. A look at IPO activity in 2016 with a reference to data found in the CB Insights 2016 Global Tech Exits report.

The Atlantic. Adrienne LaFrance (@adriennelaf) writes about automated programs — bots — and cites CB Insights funding data.

CBS News. Ed Leefeldt discusses digital disruption in the insurance space and refers to CB Insights investment data.

I love you.


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Seed/Angel Watch
Here's a look at select early-stage deals from the past week.

1. Cellestia Biotech raises an $8.45M seed round
Cellestia Biotech is a private biopharmaceutical company focusing on anti-cancer drugs. The company raised from PPF Group.

2. Xometry raises a second $7M tranche of a seed VC round
Xometry provides advanced manufacturing solutions integrating 3D printing, CNC machining, and proprietary technology to build parts and prototypes on-demand. The company raised from GE Ventures and Highland Capital Partners.

3. Trussle raises a second $5.67M tranche of a seed VC round
Trussle is an online mortgage broker. The company raised from LocalGlobe, Orange Growth Capital, Seedcamp, and Zoopla.

4. Budbee raises $3.27M angel round
Budbee provides a marketplace that connects distribution companies and companies that need to get supplies to consumers. The company raised from Karl-Johan Persson, Paul Fischbein, and Sebastian Siemiatkowski.

5. Adwanted raises $2.8M angel round
Adwanted allows advertisers and publishers to buy and sell offline traditional advertising space.

Mapping Saudi Arabia’s investors and their startup bets

Saudi Arabia's massive Public Investment Fund has become active in tech startup investing. Read about it.
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Media’s rising investment in AR/VR in one timeline

Comcast emerges as the most active media investor in AR/VR with deals to 7 companies since 2014. See the timeline.
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New High In Funding And Deals To Sales Tech Startups

Salesforce Ventures and 500 Startups are the most active VC investors in the space. See the data.
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The Blurb

A curated mix of articles on private companies, venture capital, emerging industries, and innovation.

Talk about (your) mistakes. Steven Aldrich (@spaldrich) shares lessons on what startups can learn from more established companies (and vice versa) in this interview.

Analyst relations. A podcast on what startups should know about analyst relations, including why and how and when to engage with analysts.

The great voice consolidation. Tim Devane (@tdevane) on the "wake up words" that will drive a voice user's product and service bias.

Fake news. Nick Bilton (@nickbilton) on how technologies will enable fake videos and audio clips in the near future.
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